The Container End-Game: An Introduction To Kubernetes And Minikube

The Container End-Game: An Introduction To Kubernetes And Minikube

More and more people either already have adopted Docker containers for their dev work, or are actively looking into it. Not many of them are using containers in production yet, and are unsure how to go about doing so. After years of uncertainty, the industry is moving towards a common platform for doing just that.

In this talk, Stuart will introduce you to Kubernetes - the de-facto standard approach to running containers in production. He’ll show you how to map the things you know from traditional infrastructure and Docker onto Kubernetes. He’ll also introduce you to minikube - a way to run (most of) Kubernetes on a local machine. He’ll finish by covering some of the areas where Kubernetes needs de-Googling in the future.

Presented at PHP Hampshire on 14th November, 2018.


Stuart Herbert

November 14, 2018