Zend Expressive - An Introduction For API Building

Zend Expressive - An Introduction For APIĀ Building

Whether it's micro-service architectures, single-page web apps in React or Angular, or simply providing data-and-functionality-as-a-service, API development is firmly a thing today. There's plenty of advice out there about designing APIs - but how do you turn it into working, shippable code?

In this talk, Stuart will introduce you to his framework of choice for API development - Zend Expressive. He'll explain why he's gone with it, how to get started, and how to organise your code to get the best out of it. He'll also cover the essential elements that are missing (authentication, logging, metrics, validation, error handling, rate limiting), and finish by looking at how to go about testing your finished API.

Presented at Aberdeen PHP, 1st August, 2018.


Stuart Herbert

August 01, 2018