Multi-Variance: API Versioning For Software Libraries

Multi-Variance: API Versioning For Software Libraries

One of the key features of Composer - the PHP community's package manager - is that you can't have two different versions of a Composer package in your project at the same time. Your project - and all the packages you depend upon - must agree on which versions to install, otherwise Composer cannot continue. Anyone who has used popular packages like Guzzle or PHPUnit over the last few years will have seen first-hand the problems this can cause.

In this talk, Stuart will introduce you to 'multivariant packages', a technique he uses with his own Composer packages to make sure his packages aren't contributing to the problem. He'll show you how to organise code inside your packages, and how to version your packages to work best with Composer. And finally, he'll look at how to handle devtools that install new Terminal commands inside your project.


Stuart Herbert

August 28, 2018