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Artificial Intelligence: Technology’s Invisible Hand in Business

November 09, 2021

Artificial Intelligence: Technology’s Invisible Hand in Business

In the business world, AI is rapidly transforming how we use marketing, sales, and service platforms. AI enables marketers to score and qualify leads without lifting a finger, sales to spend time on deals most likely to close and service agents prepared to help by knowing a customers' disposition ahead of time.

In this webinar with Pam Didner, B2B and Tech Marketing Consultant, Author and Speaker, we showcased how to:

Better understand how AI impacts marketing, sales, and service
Connect the dots between the AI and your role
See how AI is impacting the buyer's journey
How Sugar is bringing “AI to all” for better performance and predictability


November 09, 2021

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  1. © 2021 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. Everyone is on

    mute Questions are welcome Recording available Before We Start
  2. © 2021 SugarCRM Inc. All rights reserved. Presenters Pam Didner

    B2B and Tech Marketing Consultant, Author and Speaker [email protected] Sarah Friedlander Garcia Director, Content & Creative SugarCRM [email protected]
  3. Hi, I’m Pam Didner… 5 Help accelerate Marketing’s contribution to

    Sales: • Global Content marketing • Account-Based Marketing • Sales enablement Work with sales and marketing: • Digital marketing and sales/marketing alignment • 1:1 executive and marketing coaching • Group workshops • Keynote presentations/sessions
  4. Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) AI becomes much smarter than the

    best human brains in practically every field, including scientific, creative, and social skills 10
  5. Artificial Narrow Intelligence Weak AI or Narrow AI • Perform

    a task competently • Modify behavior when the situation changes Google Translate Siri Autonomous Car AlphaGo IBM Watson Alexa
  6. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), Strong AI or Human-like AI •

    Perform any intellectual task as well as humans • Capable of cognitive functions humans may have – in essence, no different than a real human mind • Understand its environment as humans would
  7. • Narrow AI • Weak AI • Artificial General Intelligence

    • Strong AI Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) We are here Where are we?
  8. AI comes in different forms and shapes: Visible vs. Invisible

    17 AI can be a robot AI smart devices to carry out specific functions AI software/algorithm that manifests intelligence
  9. For the sake of marketing and sales… 18 AI can

    be a robot AI Smart devices to carry out specific functions AI software that manifests intelligence
  10. 20 Examples of AI Applications Content Creation Demo and training

    Lead and Relationship mgmt Creative Marketing
  11. 29

  12. AI-Based Content Creation Bot (home-grown) The Washington Post’s Heliograf 30

    Editors create narrative template for stories Include key phrases for different outcomes Connect Heliograf to trusted sources and structured data Heliograf identifies relevant data Heliograf matches data with phrases in the template Heliograf writes content and publishes across platforms
  13. AI vs. Human on Creative The AI-CD bot and a

    human creative team were both asked to create ads to promote Clorets chewing gum: “Instant fresh breath that lasts for 10 minutes.” 33
  14. 39 3 Ways to Implement AI Create a learning model

    internally Purchase AI-based tools Explore AI features in your existing platforms writer.com, shortlyai.com Rytr.com
  15. 40 A Cost-effective Way To Pilot AI Algorithm and self-learning

    capabilities Show and tell Discuss AI approach with vendors 3rd party platforms – CRM and marketing automation tools
  16. Marketing Automation Tool 41 Personalization Populate lists and drive campaigns

    based on a buyer’s interest analysis Prioritize activities not just content but also based on time between actions Send most qualified prospects to Sales based on predictive lead scoring models Identify accounts for account-based and buying groups marketing efforts Understand your needs and ask your marketing automation vendors if they have such features
  17. 42 CRM Predictive Analytics Identify customers mostly likely to churn

    Predict intent and lead interests based on lead scoring model Recommend opportunities for cross-sell and upsell Analyze data to predict pipeline opportunities based on Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) Forecast win rate or closure rate Evaluate and predict customers’ intent to buy Articulate the questions you want to predict and forecast, then determine the approaches or tools you will use
  18. Many Other Tactics That AI Can Perform Personalization, Prediction, and

    Automation Predict buyer interest and propensity Ascertain marketing and sales contribution Identify target so sales and marketing can take actions Forecast quota success and monitor sales closure Uncover hidden sales opportunities And more…
  19. Cautious about AI 44 Balance recommendation from AI with your

    gut-feel Understand the data sources Quality of your data matters Run models and analyses several times Remember the algorithm is learning rapidly, just like you
  20. It’s time to kick off your own AI initiatives –

    Start with AI-based CRM and Marketing Automation tools 46
  21. 47