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DC416 2016 CTF Recap

DC416 2016 CTF Recap

Recap and solutions to the DefCon Toronto 2016 CTF.

Harold Rodriguez

April 13, 2017

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  1. DC416 2016 CTF Recap by Harold Rodriguez (superkojiman)

  2. Who are we? Rasta Mouse, barrebas, superkojiman We built the

  3. Shout outs Cycura (http://www.cycura.com) for being awesome sponsors Verkspace (http://verk.space)

    for hosting the event Zack for the kick-ass scoreboard that had a hidden flag Nick for orchestrating the whole thing Dolev for building the CTF infrastructure
  4. Recap CTF ran on Dec 3, 2016 12 hour event

    11 teams 4 vulnerable VMs, multiple challenges of varying difficulty Winners: 1st SomeRandomName, 2nd and aleph-0
  5. Pics or it didn't happen

  6. –Rasta Mouse “Dick Dastardly”

  7. Flag 0 Hint: It's OK to sniff the network Capture

    ICMP packets to get the first flag hidden in the ICMP data field
  8. Flag 1 Use your favourite tool to enumerate the website

    Flag is in HTTP response header
  9. Flag 2 admin.php: if you can login, you can whitelist

    your IP and use the IRC bot to give you a reverse shell Use report.php link to steal admin's encoded credentials in PHPSESSID
  10. Flag 3 User rasta has sudo rights to run /usr/local/sbin/util.py

    as vulnhub Command injection vulnerability can be used to read the flag
  11. –barrebas “Basement”

  12. Flag 1 Port 10000 Hint: Python errors when you enter

    junk Python jail! Escape it to get the shell and flag
  13. Flag 2 Hint: Use ps to see what's running: flag.mpg

    streamed on port 8090 The audio plays the ASCII values of the flag
  14. Flag 3 Port 8080 Hint: HTTP response header contains Brainfuck

    Send URI request in Brainfuck to read any file, like ~/tyler/.ssh/ id_rsa
  15. Flag 4 Hint: No one asked for one... it's XOR

    + ZIP XOR encrypted file Password protected zip file Password protected SSH keys belonging to marla
  16. Flag 5 Data sent to port 10001 will be executed;

    but only the first 10 bytes Use 2-stage payload: 1st to call sys_read for larger input, 2nd to send in shellcode
  17. –superkojiman “Baffle”

  18. Flag 1 Find .git repo and grab with wget or

    DVCS-Pillage Diff commits 7edc and 0648 to get the flag
  19. Flag 2 Commit d38c has a Base-64 encoded binary (let's

    call it CTFTP) Reverse it; use its read request to get the flag
  20. Flag 3 Need to get a shell first! Exploit service

    on port 6969 to get a shell as alice Vanilla buffer overflow, ASLR, no NX Buffer stored in non- randomized address
  21. Flag 3 Need authentication code for ~/bob/binz/flag_vault to get bob's

    SSH key and flag Has ASLR + NX + SSP, vulnerable to buffer overflow Authentication code is stored in a buffer; use SSP leak to get it Flag is also bob's SSH password
  22. Flag 4 Exploit ~/bob/binz/ctfingerd to get charlie's flag ctfingerd reads

    ~/.plan but we control the username Get flag using charlie//////// flag.txt
  23. Flag 5 Exploit ctfingerd to get a shell as vulnhub

    /home/vulnhub/flag.txt is fake, so previous trick won't work Has ASLR + NX + SSP Uses fork(); child process inherits parent's stack canary and memory. Brute force stack canary! Leak function from GOT by returning to [email protected] and calculate libc base address. Let's us find the address of any function in libc. ASLR defeated! Return to mprotect(), make a memory region RWX, store shellcode there. NX defeated! Return to shellcode and profit!
  24. –superkojiman “Fortress”

  25. Flag 1 FreeBSD with no outbound connections Command injection in

    scanner.php Use ICMP exfil to find the flag
  26. Flag 2 /usr/local/www/apache24/data/k1ngd0m_k3yz has master and passwd files Hint to

    crack them is in /home/craven/hint.txt and / home/craven/reminders.txt SSH in as craven to get the flag
  27. Flag 3 Flag in /home/vulnhub but not readable except through

    /home/ vulnhub/reader reader binary ignores files with "flag" and symlinks vulnerable to a race condition; we can trick it into opening a legit filename and switching it to a symlink to the flag
  28. Links VMs: https://www.vulnhub.com/entry/dc416-2016,168/ Twitter: @_RastaMouse, @barrebas, @superkojiman