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How to be the best web designer in the world.

July 04, 2015

How to be the best web designer in the world.

Presentation by @htmlboy and @martuishere at WebVisions Barcelona, on July 2015.


July 04, 2015

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  1. How to be THE BEST 

    world @htmlboy & @martuishere
  2. How to be A GOOD
 WEB DESIGNER everyday

  3. How to be A DECENT
 WEB DESIGNER most of the

 WEB STUFF How to and still be kinda

  5. None
  6. Accounting. Finding clients. Talking to clients. Getting paid.

  7. Frustration.

  8. Why us?

  9. swwweet.com

  10. Web design is a 
 bumpy road.

  11. So, what can we do?

  12. Innovation. Constraints. Clients. Yourself.

  13. INNOVATION Dealing with

  14. None
  15. Information Fatigue Syndrome

  16. Poor concentration. Polyphasic behaviour. Hurry sickness. Pervasive hostility. Over stimulation.

    “Plugged in” compulsion. Good ol’ stress.
  17. Let someone else do the hard work.

  18. web-design-weekly.com

  19. responsivedesignweekly.com

  20. blog.javierusobiaga.com/the-web-weekly

  21. Don’t read everything.

  22. None
  23. Paradox of Choice

  24. flic.kr/p/dxKZiS

  25. Only try one new thing 
 at a time.

  26. Dedicate a few hours a week to self-improvement.

  27. Go to conferences!

  28. CONSTRAINTS Dealing with

  29. Understand the limitations of the project.

  30. How to research with a low budget?

  31. Not all researches 
 are equal.

  32. How do you test with a 
 low budget?

  33. Test with strangers at coffee shops.

  34. www.usertesting.com

  35. How do you worry about performance with a 

  36. flic.kr/p/cfQwL7

  37. OpenDeviceLab.com

  38. Ask your friends & family for old devices.

  39. “I need a site similar to Amazon in 2 weeks.

    Can you do that?”
  40. None
  41. Time and budget constraints go both ways.

  42. (Minimum Viable Product) MVP

  43. (Minimum Decent Result) MDR

  44. Make sure that the client 
 is on board with

 way of designing.
  45. Don’t break your 
 design process.

  46. CLIENTS Dealing with

  47. How to find clients?

  48. Cold email. Advertising. Partnerships. Referrals.

  49. Put yourself out there. 
 Be active in the web

    design community.
  50. Protect yourself at 
 all times.

  51. gist.github.com/maban/6098135

  52. Scope. Cancellation policies. Terms of payment. Liabilities.

  53. Consider working in 
 design sprints.

  54. the-pastry-box-project.net/andrew-clarke/2012-may-13

  55. project sprint #1 sprint #2 sprint #3 sprint #4 sprint

    #5 sprint #6
  56. sprint #1 sprint #2 sprint #3 work order invoice work

    order invoice work order invoice
  57. But, how do you sell 
 this to clients?

  58. Clients don’t usually have 
 a closed mindset.

  59. Allow some room for flexibility.

  60. project sprint #1 sprint #2 sprint #3 sprint #4 sprint

    #5 sprint #6
  61. project sprint #1 sprint #2 sprint #3 sprint #4 sprint

    #5 sprint #6
  62. YOURSELF Dealing with

  63. Know what you like, and what you don’t like.

  64. Delegate tasks.

  65. flic.kr/p/8SfWMu

  66. Hiring is not wasting.

  67. Hating your job causes the same mental disorders as being

  68. Do not delegate your 
 main selling point.

  69. Professional quality and ethical values must be 
 part of

    the MDR.
  70. Don’t work (only) 
 for money.

  71. stuffandnonsense.co.uk/ethics

  72. You want to be proud of your work.

  73. You want to not be ashamed of your work.

  74. Working against your ethical values causes too much stress &

  75. None
 DESIGNERS So, how do we try to be

    and enjoy ourselves?
  77. None
  78. HONEST Best thing is being with everything we do.

  79. THANKS! @htmlboy & @martuishere