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Tech for fun community and culture [2018 FOSSASIA]

Tech for fun community and culture [2018 FOSSASIA]


TAKASU Masakazu

March 24, 2018


  1. Tech for fun community and culture TAKASU Masakazu 高須正和 @tks

    Maker Faire Shenzhen/Singapore
  2. 我叫高須,My name is TAKASU, MakerFaire Singapore/Shenzhen organizer Over 40 MakerFaire

    participated 我是亚洲创客盛会中最有经验的人物。
  3. Motor Driver from Cytron Malaysia Full color PCB from MakerNet

    Shenzhen Our company is SWITCH SCIENCE, My role is Global Business Development
  4. Maker Movement: The New Industrial Revolution Now and Then

  5. 2000~ Open source movement 2005~ Cloud computing Huge scale web

    service development democratized! Planning first, Financing first, Prototype first, Public release first, ….Making first!
  6. New style of innovation, also new style funding. Two legendary

    engineer made that acceleration system Y Combinator (2005~) Y Combinator is the engineer investor fund to engineer entrepreneur, only for the prototype, not a Powerpoint.
  7. 2000~ Open source movement 2005~ Cloud computing 2012~ Maker Movement

    Dreamer Kit, Web tutorial Prototype Maker Arduino, Digital Fablicaion Veteran Maker Online PCB, Online CNC Hardware Startup Crowdfunding, Mass Production Online promotion, Supply chain -Seeedstudio
  8. Maker: New category of Inventors Traditional Inventors Maker Idea/R&D/ Prototype

    University’s Lab Big company’s Lab Community Lab/MakerSpace Internet Produce By the company, By the businessman or professional. By the Community, By the hobbyist. Promotion Advertise company Professsional Salesman Croud Funding, By the Community, By the hobbyist. Revolution: Before and After
  9. Startup is only the way for Makers? Crowdfunding became full

    time pre-sales job. How to continue our project? Where is the better place for Indie Makers?
  10. Makers can be Maker Pro, nor Startup. We can improve

    own prototype, produce, promotion
  11. Inspiring each other, Make, Open and Share. Selling own indie

    product is a part of sharing!
  12. Japanese Maker Pro (Indie Hardware) is grown rapidly.

  13. Animation Floting Pen History, Creativity, and Enthusiasm

  14. 1970`s old computer board, Motorola 6800! not 68000! History, Creativity,

    and Enthusiasm
  15. Physical Flick Keyboard History, Creativity, and Enthusiasm

  16. Future in the Indie Design

  17. Share project from My own

  18. Akiparty, Dance Party for Geeks, Start from Tokyo 2014

  19. I invited two my friend from Shenzhen

  20. We made party on A8音乐大厦, At Maker Faire Shenzhen 2015.

  21. My Shenzhen Maker friend Naomi Wu a.k.a Sexy Cyborg inspired

    about that.
  22. Naomi Wu inspire to Japanese Maker, at my Meetup in

    Shenzhen 白石州 at 2017. Video by Akihiko Sakoda
  23. The world needs you. You need you. We need each

    other. Thanks for your help. TAKASU: takasu@makers.asia So, please, go with your impulses! Explore! Go out and find cool things. Play with cool projects. See what works for you. See what doesn’t work for you. Please share what works and what doesn’t work with others, so they may have an opportunity to learn from your experience – just as you have been learning from the experience of others. This is how things grow. This is how you grow. So, please go out and grow! Message from Mitch and me for YOU!