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DIVA - Conversational Commerce

DIVA - Conversational Commerce

DIVA (Digital Intelligent Voice Assistant) is a Siri-like solution for e-commerce. To communicate our vision we used a story with personas.


Tamim Swaid

March 01, 2016

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  1. The Digital Intelligent Voice Assistant – Buying Hiking Shoes –

  2. Vision The fastest interface for ordering and offering goods and

  3. Ordering Goods

  4. The Smith family Jack - 39 Chrysler Engineer Nancy -

    37 Hospital Nurse Monica - 10 School Jill - 8 School
  5. The Smiths ❤ DIVA • Jack and Nancy use DIVA

    on their iPhones on a daily basis • Shopping is so convenient • Their recent orders with DIVA: • House Cleaner • Post-It Notes • Printer Paper • Shoes for Monica (10y)
  6. New Hiking shoes • Jack wants to go hiking with

    his kids on the weekend. • Jill (8y) needs new hiking shoes.
  7. HUMAN DIVA What can we help you find today?

  8. • Jack starts speaking • He sees his words and

    the speech animation • DIVA immediately displays the spoken words • recognizes words that are relevant and marks them green • starts searching for “Hiking boots” while listening
  9. • Jack sees that DIVA understood the relevant words •

    The loader indicates him that DIVA is searching • DIVA extracts: • Jack / Father (From User Profile) • Willing to purchase (Word “I need”) • Relationship (Word “daughter”) • Hobby (Word “hiking boots”) • Possible hiking trip (Word “hiking boots”)
  10. • Jack sees that DIVA knows Monica's shoe size but

    doesn’t know Jill’s • He says “Jill” but could also just tap on it • DIVA doesn’t know “which daughter” and needs to ask
  11. • Jack can select the appropriate size by saying it

    out loud or tapping • DIVA doesn’t know Jill’s shoe size yet and needs to ask. • After Jacks selection DIVA learns Jill’s shoe size
  12. • Jack sees a selection of shoes • DIVA shows

    the selection based on different criteria like • reviews • trusted shops • speed delivery • preferred shops by user
  13. • Jack knows that Jill likes red and pink things.

    • DIVA learns that Jill might have a preference for pink and red things.
  14. • Jack now shows the selection to his daughter •

    DIVA’s has a mechanism to interpret when somebody talks with her and when it is a conversation. • For example it only starts to display the words when it recognizes a search syntax • The syntax also needs to match the current screen status “What do you think about these shoes… or these” “I like the other one. They have a nice color”
  15. • Jack now want’s to order the shoes that Jill

    wants • He checks the selection and presses the buy button. • DIVA learns there is a stronger preference for pink things.
  16. • Jack can pay easily with Apple Pay • The

    order is processed and sent to the supplier.
  17. • Jack walks to his wife • “Jill chose these

    shoes. Look.” “Hmm. I think 6 might be too small. Better get 6.5”
  18. • Jack reorders as his wife said • DIVA extracts:

    • Jack (Profile) • Willing to reorder (Word “I want to order the same“) • Same order (Word “Same shoes”) • New size (Word “size 6.5” different than the size before)
  19. • Jack confirms with Apple Pay • DIVA presents the

    last order with the updated shoe size.
  20. • Jack sees offers based on his search • He

    just closes the app, as he is not interested. • DIVA assumes that Jack and Jill are going to hike. • DIVA shows hiking offers that match their profile “Pink”
  21. 2 days later • The package arrives • Jill tries

    them on and they think that 6.5 is the better size
  22. • With the DIVA app Jack points to the shoes

    • DIVA extracts: • Shoes (Camera Input + word “shoes”) • One pair (Camera Input) • Exact shoes (Camera Input + Order History) • Willing to return (Word “send back”) • Learns: • Satisfied buyer (Willing to keep one shoe with the bigger size) “I want to send these shoes back”
  23. • Jack taps on the shoe with size 6 •

    DIVA learns that the shoe size for Jill is 6.5
  24. • Jack confirms the return • DIVA schedules pickup date

    for package at Jacks workplace