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Raspberry Pi Config Editor

Raspberry Pi Config Editor

The Raspberry Pi Config Editor visually displays the most cryptic codes in the configuration settings of a Raspberry Pi. The editor does not work with codes but with plain texts. So hopefully starting up your Raspi will be a breeze.


Thomas Angielsky

May 22, 2019

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  1. Raspberry Pi Config Editor Raspbian – Linux - Windows

  2. What is the config editor? • First it is a

    normal editor app • It’s specialized to edit the config.txt file of a Raspberry Pi • It got highlighting functions for the properties • And it is visually - it displays the most cryptic codes of the configuration settings • You can CLICK and SELECT instead of TYPE and SEARCH
  3. How does a config.txt look like? • Lots of properties

    • Cryptic values • Uncomfortable editing Edited with nano on an Pi
  4. The editor with more fun Groups for properties Valid values

    with explanations
  5. Your decision: change whenever you want Visual input Editor with

  6. An example • We want to setup a Raspberry Pi

    with a 5” display • The display needs a fixed resolution of 800x480 pixels (15:9) • It’s power connected via USB from our Raspberry Pi What properties do we have to set in the config.txt ?? ?
  7. Start as usual • Download your image from raspberrypi.org/downloads •

    Write image to the SD card • Just let the card in the reader • And start the Raspberry Pi Config Editor
  8. It‘s easy… • Open the config.txt of your Pi •

    First activate more USB power on the group- page USB
  9. Setup the display • Select HDMI • Set HDMI drive

    to Normal DVI mode • Change HDMI group to DMT • And choose our resolution in HDMI mode • Ohh – our display is not supported! • But we can use a special mode: choose Custom mode
  10. Setup the display • Switch to the group Custom mode

    • And enter our values: 800 480 60 6 0 0 0 • Press SAVE button • Ready
  11. Let‘s look what the code looks like

  12. And a test? Great, it works

  13. Download You can download it from my homepage: https://techpluscode.de/rpiconfigedit-en/ You

    can download it on github: https://github.com/tangielsky/rpiconfigedit
  14. Contact and ideas? I’m happy for you ideas, and comments.

    You can write to me ideas and issues on github: https://github.com/tangielsky/rpiconfigedit Or with the contact form of my blog: https://techpluscode.de/start/kontakt/ Thanks for that!
  15. What‘s inside The app is coded with Lazarus and is

    Freeware! https://www.lazarus-ide.org Because of that you can use it on nearly every computer system. Just compile it by yourself with Lazarus. You can download the source also on github: https://github.com/tangielsky/rpiconfigedit
  16. Become curious? Check the webpage of rpiconfigedit https://techpluscode.de/rpiconfigedit-en/ Or on

    Hackster.io https://www.hackster.io/tangielsky/raspberry-pi-config- editor-1f249d © 2019 T. Angielsky