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How To Create An Automatic Visual Work Breakdown Structure

Thomas Angielsky
February 11, 2020

How To Create An Automatic Visual Work Breakdown Structure

The work breakdown structure is the mother of all plans in a project. It's essential for a project manager to create one. But not every projectmanagement software supports it.

This Microsoft Excel tool creates a visual WBS automatically for you - only from a structured list.

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Thomas Angielsky

February 11, 2020

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  1. 2 ▪ Contains sub-projects, work package and tasks ▪ Consists

    of all project work you have to do ▪ Is the foundation of your time schedule ▪ And of the project plan What is a WBS? A Work Breakdown Structure is the base plan in projectmanagement. Creating a WBS is the central task you have to do as a project manager
  2. 3 Automatic generated Work Breakdown Structure Projekt: New assembly workplace

    2 Project management 2.1 Data storage 2.2 Controlling 2.3 Marketing 3 Initialization 3.1 Definition 3.2 Aims 4 Planning 4.1 Work prozess 4.2 Workplace design 4.3 Search of suppliers 4.3.1 Requirements specification 4.3.2 Requests 4.3.3 Comparison 5 Realization 5.1 Order of components 5.2 Installation 5.3 Test phase 5.4 Optimization 6 Closing 6.1 Lessons learned 6.2 Final report • Automatic formatted WBS chart • Choose your own style • Create native Microsoft Office shapes • Use all Office effects • And all only from a simple list
  3. 4 Get it in 5 steps 1. Download the Excel

    macro Automatic_WBS 2. Create your work breakdown structure list 3. Add additional information 4. Define the WBS design via sheet Setup 5. Click button Create – Finished!
  4. 5 1. Download the Excel macro Automatic_WBS https://github.com/tangielsky/automaticWBS • Open

    github.com • Press „clone or download“ button and start downloading the macro to your computer • Open Automatic_WBS.xlsm in Microsoft Excel
  5. 6 1. Download the Excel macro Automatic_WBS • You may

    need to adjust the security settings because the macro uses VBA code • But you get the code without any restrictions or passwords • Open VBA editor (Alt+F11) and look at the code if you like
  6. 7 2. Create your work breakdown structure list • Open

    sheet Start • Enter minimum Code and Name or import them from Microsoft Project or other software • Structure your items • Start with 1 as top item and continue one level deeper • Or sort by completion Sort
  7. 8 3. Add additional information Add e. g. your special

    WBS code You got 10 user columns F1..F10
  8. 9 3. Add additional information A good way is to

    use VLOOKUP to make connections to other data sources
  9. 10 4. Define the WBS design via sheet Setup Define

    fonts Choose color Define scale factors Format connection line Format shapes (e. g. shadow) Insert caption (use user fields with $F1 - $F10)
  10. 12 Use WBS chart for showing current project progress Add

    $PROGRESS • Open sheet Setup • Enter $PROGRESS as text into one or more items you want a progress information
  11. 13 Use WBS chart for showing current project progress •

    Enter data for progress in sheet Start • Type “J” in cell Use progress for color • Define text format and color for not started, in progress and completed
  12. 14 Use WBS chart for showing current project progress •

    Re-create the WBS chart • See at one glance what you are working on, what is finished and what is not started
  13. 15 Transferring to other Microsoft applications is easy • It

    is best to select and group all elements beforehand • Click Copy (Ctrl+C) • Paste to your favorite app (e. g. Powerpoint)
  14. 16 ▪ https://techpluscode.de/work-breakdown-structure-with-automatic- progress-visualization/ ▪ https://techpluscode.de/work-breakdown-structure-wbs-in-3-minutes/ Would like more? More

    information can be found at ▪ https://github.com/tangielsky/automaticWBS Current version for download at ▪ https://techpluscode.de/blog-abonnieren/ Subscribe to stay informed