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PRL 101 slides, Sept. 3

1247d0fbb1983f2e8070809bb7acd6ef?s=47 Ted Major
September 03, 2015

PRL 101 slides, Sept. 3



Ted Major

September 03, 2015

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  1. Paralegal Workplaces creative commons licensed (BY-NC-SA) flickr photo by danmachold:

  2. brief comments • use your own words • plain English

    • italics for case style • issue should be a yes/no question that includes relevant facts necessary to decide case • issue is marriage, not common-law marriage • see sample brief
  3. Flickr photo ©byrdiegyrl https://flic.kr/p/p5qP3

  4. Types of Law Offices creative commons licensed (BY-NC-ND) flickr photo

    by rockcc_histcoll: https://flic.kr/p/5ni3hQ
  5. None
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  8. Private Firms • Structure –Sole practitioner –Association of sole practitioners

    •Share space/eqpmt/personnel –Partnership –Corporation •PC •LLP •LLC
  9. Type of practice • General • Specialized (‘boutique’) –Employment litigation

    –Bankruptcy –Immigration –Intellectual Property –Estate Planning –Real Estate
  10. In-House • Lawyers work as employees of a single client

    –General counsel • Handle regular legal matters of client • Outsource specialized legal matters –Outside counsel –Litigation
  11. Government Law Offices • Criminal –Prosecution •District attorney/Attorney general (state)

    •City attorney (local) •US attorney (federal) –Defense •Public defender –Tuscaloosa and Shelby Counties •Appointed counsel
  12. Government Law Offices • Cities/Counties –City attorney • Advises city

    agencies –Mayor/City Council –Governing boards (variances, historic preservation, etc.) • Prosecutes municipal offenses –Smaller cities may hire private law firm –Counties may have counsel; private firm more common
  13. Government Law Offices • States –Attorney general •Provides legal advice

    to government agencies –Jefferson County bankruptcy referendum • May prosecute criminal cases • Civil litigation
  14. Government Law Offices • Federal Government –Department of Justice •Attorney

    General • Solicitor General •Advisory opinions • Litigation •Antitrust • Civil rights •Environment • Immigration
  15. Legal Aid • Provide services to benefit indigent clients –Usu.

    Civil practice •Domestic • Landlord/tenant •Consumer • Wills/estates •Elder law
  16. Public Interest • Legal issues involving public concern –Environmental Defense

    Fund –American Civil Liberties Union –Electronic Frontier Foundation
  17. Professional Team • Lawyers –Owners •Partners –Senior –Junior –Associates •Partnership

    track –Affiliated lawyers •Permanent/contract/senior associate •Of counsel
  18. Professional Team • Law clerks –Law students/apprentices • Paralegals •

    Administrators –Personnel –Facilities –Finance • Secretarial
  19. Billing • Hourly –Billable hours –Non-billable hours • Contingency •

    Flat fee • Prepaid Group • Pro bono
  20. Timekeeping • Important for all firms, regardless of billing method

    –Determine fee (hourly) –Divide fee (attorneys) –Profit/loss (firm) –Profit sharing (employees)
  21. Timekeeping • Methods –Timesheet –Software • Increments –6 minutes (.1

  22. None
  23. Filing Systems • Organization –Client –Project • Update daily! •

    Individual files –Top binder clip –Document index/tabs • Color coding • Storage/tracking/destruction
  24. Conflict check • Conflict of interest –No lawyer in a

    firm can represent a client whose interests are adverse to a client of any other lawyer in the firm • Systems –Manual • Index cards/alphabetical list –Software
  25. Calendars • Deadline driven profession • Malpractice –Must have calendaring

    system for insurance –Dual calendars: lawyer and assistant –Firm and individual calendars –Backup
  26. • Significant deadlines? –Litigation • Statute of limitations, pleading deadlines,

    court dates, appearances, discovery, opposing party –Tax • Return filing dates, litigation deadlines –Real estate • Contract deadlines, loan/documentation, inspection/due diligence, closing, recording –Corporate/commercial • Annual meetings, tax return, financial statement, regulatory
  27. Calendars • Docketing – Specific deadlines • Tickling – Regular

    review of files – Notice that deadline is approaching • Non-work dates – Appointments – Vacations
  28. Calendars • Manual –Must be managed daily –Must be in

    duplicate (at least) • Software –May have automated deadline calculation –Daily updates –At least weekly printed reports