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School of Maaa Day 1 - Switches

School of Maaa Day 1 - Switches

First day of workshop at School of Maaa in Berlin.

Becky Stewart

August 13, 2014

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  27. What We’ll Do - Soft Sensors Review applications Delve into

    the theory Put into practice This afternoon: switches Tomorrow: analog sensors Friday: capacitive sensing
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  29. Switches

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  37. Why are switches great? Cheap: both in material and in

    processing No calibration

  39. pull-up/pull-down resistors

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  41. 5V GND digital pin resistor switch

  42. 5V GND digital pin resistor switch

  43. int switchPin = 7; ! void setup() { pinMode( switchPin,

    INPUT_PULLUP); Serial.begin( 9600 ); } ! void loop() { int switchValue; switchValue = digitalRead( switchPin ); ! Serial.println( switchValue ); delay( 300 ); // slow down to make it easier to read }
  44. Challenge Design and prototype a wearable soft circuit sensor using

    only switches as the input.