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School of Maaa Day 2 - Voltage Dividers

School of Maaa Day 2 - Voltage Dividers

Theory behind making your own variable resistor sensors.

Becky Stewart

August 14, 2014

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  1. But we can turn a changing current or resistance into

    a changing voltage by being clever.
  2. Vin Vout 5V GND GND R1 R2 Something between 5V

    and GND Voltage Divider = Vout Vin x R1 + R2 R2
  3. Vin Vout GND R1 R2 Voltage Divider potentiometer *In this

    circuit, both R1 and R2 are changing when the knob is turned.
  4. Voltage Divider 1. Does the object change resistance when you

    interact with it? Check with a multimeter. 2. If does, create a voltage divider. Decide if you want the object to be R1 or R2. 3. Choose a static resistor that gives you the values you are looking for.