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Dakota Initiative SAMPLE

August 20, 2023

Dakota Initiative SAMPLE

A StarWars: The Clone Wars inspiring mock script featuring two original characters of mine and incorporated characters established in that show. The full script is available upon request.


August 20, 2023

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  1. 2. INT. REPUBLIC STEALTH CRUISER-BRIDGE The bridge of the cruiser

    is covered with the marks of battle, a few fallen clones and droids litter the floor. GENERAL GRIEVOUS (droid) a tall mechanical monster wearing a cape and lightsabers at his hip enters the bridge, he glances around before taking out his communicator. The droids flanking him go to access the bridge’s computers. Hologram COUNT DOOKU (50s) a lanky bearded man wearing a cloak with a sinister yet regal aura illuminates the device. GRIEVOUS The bridge is secured, no sign of this mystery cargo yet. DOOKU Search everything, if even he does not know what is being sent on this ship it must be precious. GRIEVOUS Of course Count, we’ve only just begun our search. A droid raises their hand excitedly. DROID Sir! I think I’ve got something! There’s a Jedi listed aboard! INT. REPUBLIC STEALTH CRUISER-SECURE ROOM JEDI KNIGHT ZOHL (early 30s) stands around 7 feet tall, notable feature of their alien species being large looped ears. They wear their Jedi robes like a shawl. Zohl watches the monitors showing the hall outside the room as the bring the lid down on a backpack-size safe. The container is sleek and built for carried travel. Securing the straps to their chest, Zohl exits. INT. REPUBLIC STEALTH CRUISER-HALL Zohl enters the hall, running to catch up to a group of clones. CLONES Hail Commander! 2.
  2. 3. SARGENT Do you need one of us clones to

    take care of the cargo, Commander? ZOHL Oh, no that’s fine! I’m the only one cleared to transport this. Wait when did I become Commander? SARGENT All Jedi are registered as Commanders at least. ZOHL Huh. I guess- The ship rumbles and the group all try and regain their balance. Zohl recovers quickly and their eyes dart around. ZOHL (CONT’D) Is that meant to happen during space travel? SARGENT No commander, we should reconnect with the bridge and check if there’s any navigation issues. The clones rush off and Zohl hesitates, they undo and resecure the cargo strap then run to catch up. ZOHL What kind of navigation issues?! INT. REPUBLIC STEALTH CRUISER-FRONT DECKS The decks of the front of the cruiser have many holograms tables spread about, wide windows show the space outside. A bridge officer scrambles through the wider rooms of the cruiser’s front, running away from the bridge. They turn at the sound of speech down a hallway. SARGENT The bridge should be just past the screening decks Commander. The officer runs down the hall, but the cruiser rumbles again and they all fall in on each other. 3.
  3. 4. ZOHL Wait you’re from the bridge! Please tell me

    nothing technical is going catastrophically wrong. BRIDGE OFFICER Worse! Separatists have taken the bridge! Zohl pales in shock, the clones prime their blasters and scan the surrounding halls. ZOHL How?! This was meant to be top secret, and they still found out?! SARGENT What’s our objective Commander? ZOHL The Separatists cannot get a hold of this cargo, no matter what. We have to get as many personal out as we can, we’ll all have a better chance to slip through I hope. The clones nod and rush off again, Zohl and the officer slow to pick up but not long after them. INT. REPUBLIC STEALTH CRUISER-DROID DECK The droid deck is a dully-sterile space, consoles and electronics making clear what areas were designed for person or droid passage. Dakota rolls through the person section, looking at the monitors on the droid spaces. Dakota swivels his head to see the group of clones rush past, comms blaring. He changes direction as Bridge Officer and Zohl hurry after. Bridge officer keeps going but Zohl spots Dakota and pauses. ZOHL You’re an astromech right? DAKOTA (Droid binary) Obviously. 4.
  4. 5. ZOHL Please tell me you serve in the Clone

    Wars. DAKOTA (Droid binary) Yes. Isn’t this a vacation cruiser? ZOHL We’re covering as a vacation ship? Ah! The ship is under attack! I need your help really bad! DAKOTA (Droid binary) A Jedi is asking a droid for help? ZOHL Of course I am! I’ve never been on the battlefield, I’m an archivist! DAKOTA (Droid binary) What’s an archivist doing out in space then huh? ZOHL Top secret transportation mission. DAKOTA (Droid binary) That explains so much, really. ZOHL Fine, you really don’t need to care about that part, but there are so many people who need evacuation. Dakota looks away from Zohl to consider before joining the rest of the group running down the hall. Zohl sighs and relief and gives new energy to catching up. Dakota suddenly stops and Zohl falls over him. ZOHL (CONT’D) What was that- DAKOTA (Droid binary) I nearly forgot my conditions. ZOHL Really?! 5.
  5. 6. DAKOTA (Droid binary) I can’t do much with my

    restraining bolt in place you know, I am ordered to be under repair. ZOHL Oh, I get it, I can do that! DAKOTA (Droid binary) Huh. That was easy. Zohl moves to open up Dakota’s front panel. ZOHL The way I see it is if it’s preventing you from helping people who need you, what’s the point? DAKOTA (Droid binary) I guess so. Zohl stands up, holding the restraining bolt to see. ZOHL What’s our objective Commander? INT. REPUBLIC STEALTH CRUISER-HALL General Grievous leads a squad of battle droids in a march through the enemy cruiser. A battle droid comes down the other end of the hall, waving their arms for attention. DROID An evacuation signal’s been intercepted sir! GRIEVOUS And still no Jedi sighting? Looks like we’ve got a coward on our hands. This should be easy. Grievous activates his communicator. GRIEVOUS (CONT’D) I want all droids to the ship hold, nothing leaves this cruiser! 6.