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Managing remote teams

Managing remote teams


Till Klampaeckel

June 05, 2013


  1. Managing remote teams. Working (in a) remote (team).

  2. Till I’m Till Klampäckel. Good to meet you.

    I’ve been working remote most of my work-life. Development (LAMP stack), administration (Linux, devopsy stuff). (Project) Management. (Sorry!) @klimpong
  3. Life cycle Founded my business in 2002. Started

    working for clients. Worked from home, or wherever I wanted to. Sometimes on site.
  4. Settling down Met one of the EasyBib co-founders

    over 12 years ago. Started freelancing for them (mostly fixing PHP code and SQL queries). In 2008 they decided to turn this website into a business and invited me to work with them. Today: Over 20 people in New York, 8 people in Berlin.
  5. ImagineEasy Solutions LLC We are an information literacy

    company. What is information literacy?
  6. Commercial break Some rights reserved by claire.whitehouse

  7. EasyBib is an citation management platform. 40

    million students use EasyBib every year. Over 1000 institutions subscribe, including 100 large US universities and 900 high schools and districts.
  8. ResearchReady teaches information literacy skills in a

    core curriculum. Universities and districts subscribe to give their students a research skill boost. Launched in January 2013.
  9. Anyway There is more, but that’s not what

    I’m here for.
  10. Remote Work • How many people do remote

    work? • Are you remote, or is your client remote?
  11. Opinions • People have lots of opinions about

    remote work. • (People think) Marissa Mayer hates remote work.
  12. Am I capable? • How do I motivate

    myself in the morning? • Can I work towards a healthy schedule? • Can I communicate?
  13. Communication • Straight-forward: replace “scalarium” with “opsworks”. •

    Used the opportunity to move on role-based recipes to be able to version roles in GIT. Some rights reserved by Cargo Cult
  14. Communication is easy.

  15. Except that it isn’t, really. >:(

  16. Facts • Everybody is different. • Team building

    is hard. • Work asynchronously.
  17. Tooling • Skype, VOIP, Jabber and Google Hangouts.

    • Google Drive and Dropbox to collaborate. • Github. • Servers in the cloud™.
  18. All good?

  19. All good? Some rights reserved by Tattooed JJ

  20. How does it work? • More or less.

    • A constant process of improving.
  21. Make it work • It’s a good idea

    to see people. • Be responsive!
  22. Management perspective • Trust people. • Aim for

    remote teams, and not people. • Make an effort to talk to people. • Establish milestones and a steady flow of work.
  23. Developer • Setup your work place. • Work-life-balance.

    • Be honest to yourself.
  24. It’s that easy.

  25. By the way — we’re hiring!

  26. Questions?