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Till Klampaeckel

January 19, 2012

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  1. Guten Tag ✤ My name is Till Klampäckel. ✤ I

    build web applications. ✤ I ❤ open source.
  2. I wrote a book. CouchDB, NoSQL, in German. (Buy it!)

    Read it! Check out the website at http://couchdb-buch.de/
  3. Advantages & Disadvantages ✤ no bloat! very lean! ✤ pre-installed

    (Mac, Linux) ✤ easy to use ✤ customizable ✤ not too many features :( 0 37.5 75 112.5 150 Features Performance Productivity Other Text Editors nano :) * Numbers may not be accurate. :)
  4. Simple usage! ✤ nano Foo.php Action Command Save Ctrl+o Search

    Ctrl+w ... & Replace ..., Ctrl+r ... Go to line ..., Ctrl+t Paste file into Ctrl+r Exit Ctrl+x
  5. Customizations ✤ /etc/nanorc ✤ ~/.nanorc ✤ set|unset foo set tabstospaces

    set const set tabsize n set nowrap set autoident set nonewlines set whitespace set nohelp set historylog n set backup set backupdir
  6. What’s missing? ✤ no integration of external tools (except for

    a spellchecker) ✤ no tabs or windows (but my Terminal or screen support these) ✤ no auto-completion ✤ issues with “larger” files
  7. What makes you productive? Resource hungry editors don’t help. Copyright

    Yann Ropars, http://www.flickr.com/photos/frenchista/6322734353/