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Extending Composer

Extending Composer

A talk I gave at the October meetup of the PHP Usergroup in Berlin.

Till Klampaeckel

October 01, 2013

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  1. www.easybib.com [email protected] Till I’m Till Klampäckel. Good to meet you.

    @klimpong http://github.com/till http://till.klampaeckel.de/
  2. www.easybib.com [email protected] EasyBib.com EasyBib is an citation management platform. 40

    million students use EasyBib every year. Over 1000 institutions subscribe, including 100 large US universities and 900 high schools and districts.
  3. www.easybib.com [email protected] ResearchReady.com ResearchReady teaches information literacy skills in a

    core curriculum. Universities and districts subscribe to give their students a research skill boost. Launched in January 2013.
  4. www.easybib.com [email protected] Extending Composer • In the beginning, there were

    custom installers. • Some examples: • custom installers for frameworks • custom installers for software • custom installers for assets and related
  5. www.easybib.com [email protected] Some very gut advice • Open source project

    management pro tip! • Add a plugin API so you don’t need to maintain what users are doing. • Second pro tip: don’t break the plugin API.
  6. www.easybib.com [email protected] Composer Plugins { “name”: “till/fancy-plugin”, “license”: “BSD-2-Clause”, “type”:

    “composer-plugin”, “require”: { “composer-plugin-api”: “1.0.0” }, “extra”: { “class”: “till\\Composer\\ExamplePlugin” } }
  7. www.easybib.com [email protected] Composer Plugins namespace till\Composer; use Composer\Composer, Composer\IO\IOInterface, Composer\Plugin\PluginInterface,

    Composer\Plugin\PluginEvents, Composer\Plugin\CommandEvent; class ExamplePlugin implements PluginInterface { protected $c, $io; public function activate(Composer $c, IOInterface $io) { $this->c = $c; $this->io = $io; } public static function getSubcribedEvents() { return array(PluginEvents::COMMAND => array(array(‘onCommand’, 0))); } public function onCommand(CommandEvent $e) { /* ... */ } }
  8. www.easybib.com [email protected] Wait, just two? • Currently two events are

    available. • If you need another event, let’s add it. • Example implementations • composer-aws: https://github.com/naderman/composer-aws • composer-newrelic: https://github.com/easybiblabs/composer-newrelic
  9. www.easybib.com [email protected] Global • `./composer.phar global install|update|require` • I don’t

    want to talk about it too much: http://getcomposer.org/doc/03-cli.md#global • Install plugins globally: ./composer.phar global require till/fancy-plugin:dev-master