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Sagana - DS for food security

Sagana - DS for food security

Reimagining the future of food through linear programming and optimization

Shanelle Recheta

March 18, 2021

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  1. SHANELLE RECHETA Tech Lead Full Stack Data Scientist IoT Engineer

    https://github.com/IRC-sgrace | https://www.nxtlvlfarms.xyz/
  2. DATA-DRIVEN FOOD SHARING WEB APP SAGANA Connect sponsors and communities

    to filipinos in need by creating a community food distribution system based on scheduling and route optimization using web-scraped food and grocery establishments data, poverty statistics and, MRT and LRT ridership statistics
  3. Q&A

  4. CONSTRAINTS cost controls (more goods in one trip) time windows

    (for perishable goods) low risk of queues
  5. SOLUTION Find a set of routes of minimal total traveling

    cost and maximal food distributed along BFT's by complying with the prioritized time windows (perishable goods). DISTANCE MATRIX API
  6. HACKING DIJKSTRA'S ALGORITHM 03 Instead of doing Dijkstra's once from

    source to destination, you start at each end, and expand both sides until they meet in the middle. Eliminates roughly half the work .