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No Code? No Problem! Quick & Easy Approach to Automation & Creating L&D Apps

Mike Taylor
January 31, 2022

No Code? No Problem! Quick & Easy Approach to Automation & Creating L&D Apps

What if you could turn your ideas into real projects and build tools for automating work without needing to know how to code? Until recently, the only people who could build things on the internet were a few ambitious people who spent months learning to code before publishing even the most basic website. Today, anyone with a little creativity and access to the internet can use GUI-based (no code) tools quickly and easily to build not only websites, but also to create fully functional custom applications without writing any code. What seemed impossible a few years ago is now a reality: drag, drop, and deploy. This session is perfect for those who want to learn how to take advantage of opportunities to adapt and leverage the right technologies at the right time to meet organizational goals.

#NoCode tools allow anyone to create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to synchronize files, get notifications, collect data, and more. They can boost business productivity to get more done in less time and even create custom apps without needing to write any code. In this session you’ll discover how, with the help of these #NoCode tools, you can develop, integrate, and automate your important L&D processes quickly and easier than ever before.

Links & Resources at: https://nocodelinks.spread.name/

Mike Taylor

January 31, 2022

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  1. No Code? No Problem! Quick & Easy Approach to Automation

    & Creating L&D Apps Mathias Vermeulen, Mike Taylor
  2. Mike Taylor Eternally curious | Honorary Canadian Exploring the intersection

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  4. No-code development platform (NCDPs) Allows anyone to create application software

    through graphical user interfaces and configuration instead of traditional computer programming.


  7. "It's not just engineers that can build something useful on

    the internet. It really could be anyone." Ryan Hoover | Founder of Product Hunt,
  8. 9 OUT OF 10 #NOCODE platform users said they are

    essential to business success
  9. What NoCode tools are you using? You might be using

    some and not even know it!, (Airtable, Typeform, MailChimp, Rise, etc.)
  10. What is Workflow Automation? Tools that help you automate repetitive

    tasks between two or more apps— no code necessary. When an event happens in one app, these automation tools can tell another app to perform a particular action.
  11. Good Candidates Tasks you do frequently. Sending a weekly reminder

    to your team to fill out a meeting agenda. Moving data between apps Adding tasks from a project management app into your personal to-do list app. “Brain dead” work Copying the emails of event attendees to a spreadsheet.
  12. Using Automation No Matter Your Role or Industry Saving files

    to the cloud Updating calendars Scheduling calls Keeping everything and everyone on track Receive and send notifications about upcoming events Turn emails and messages into tasks Save contracts and invoices to the cloud Notify your team when a task is completed Save important tasks to a to-do list Automate your calendar Fill out invoices Get top industry news in the channel of your choice
  13. Start in minutes, save hours Zapier is faster and easier

    than building your own integration, and you won't need to write any code.
  14. A form response submitted Register email to webinar session A

    new video in Dropbox Upload to Wistia A new Eventbrite registration Add to Zoom registration
  15. Creating an Automation – Part 1 Always start with a

    challenge or a problem. What do you want to solve? What problem do I want to fix? Break-down the challenge in smaller steps What steps are there in the process of fixing the problem? A form app and a webinar app What apps do I need for these smaller steps? Check if your existing apps and tools can help you out What apps do I already use/have? Check if your existing apps and tools can be connected Can I connect my apps or do I need an automation tool?
  16. Creating an Automation – Part 2 What event will trigger

    my automation? New submission in our form app What event will my automation perform? Register the person for a webinar What information do I want to move between those apps? Contact’s name and email address
  17. Some other ideas… Spaced e-mail course MailerLite New hires program

    Typeform + Zapier Assessment tool with pdf report Typeform + Eledo Knowledge sharing app Glide + Zapier Knowledge base app SpreadSimple Event page with registration and follow-up Carrd + Airtable + Gmail FAQ training chatbot Landbot Automated content curation Feedly + Airtable + Slack + … Auto-generated xAPI statements Google Sheet + GrassBlade Adaptive courses Typeform + Rise Online course with payment Podia + Gmail + Stripe + … …
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