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秘伝の `gitconfig`

June 15, 2019

秘伝の `gitconfig`


June 15, 2019

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  1. gitconfig https://github.com/to4iki/dotfiles/blob/master/git/gitconfig [alias] br = branch --verbose --verbose --color --sort=-authordate

    co = checkout c = commit -av d = diff --histogram f = fetch g = grep -n -p --color --heading --break l = log --oneline n = now --all --stat s = status -sb undo = reset --soft HEAD~ o = browse copr = !git fetch origin pull/${1}/head:pr/${1} && git checkout pr/${1} fpush = push --force-with-lease 6
  2. ҰจࣈΤΠϦΞε https://github.com/to4iki/dotfiles/blob/master/fish/config.fish alias git 'hub' alias g 'git' alias s

    'git s' alias b 'git br' alias m 'git co master' alias d 'git d' alias gg 'git g' alias t 'tig' alias ta 'tig --all' 7
  3. tigrc https://github.com/to4iki/dotfiles/blob/master/etc/tigrc # Alias ... bind generic y @sh -c

    "echo %(commit) | pbcopy" bind main B !@hub browse -- commit/%(commit) bind status B !@hub browse -- blob/master/%(file) bind main D !@hub compare %(commit)...%(branch) bind refs D !@hub compare master...%(branch) bind main P !@whichpr open %(commit) bind blame P !@whichpr open %(commit) bind main R !git rebase -i %(commit) 14