Intro to MultiCopters

21c0a7a7034a6b11140bf7a44e162055?s=47 Tom Paulus
October 18, 2014

Intro to MultiCopters

Commonly referred to as Drones, these craft provide the pilot the ability to capture images from a new perspective. In this talk we will discuss the basic principles and technology that enable this gravity defying craft to fly.

We have flown these magical devices for a few hundred hours over the last two years. We have bought and built too many multi-copters (unfortunately also known as drones). Anyways, we would really love to share some of our most exciting and memorable experiences with you.

But be warned! You will leave the session, with the strong desire to acquire parts (you before didn't know existed) and build a mulit-copter of your own.


Tom Paulus

October 18, 2014