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Inclusive open leadership

Inclusive open leadership

The words open source are so often used when referring to pieces of software or hardware. But in reality, open source can refer to any project which is developed and nurtured in an open and transparent way by the community. As such these projects lifecycle are determined by the community and its sustainability, longevity, and health depends is intimately ligated to again, this community.

In this talk, I will draw from my experience building, and leading communities of practice and open source projects to introduce the concept of inclusive leadership and provide practical guidance on ways to engage a diverse range of contributors in the long term. I will also present techniques and resources I have used when mentored people from underrepresented backgrounds to step up into positions of leadership in the open source world.


Tania Allard

July 10, 2019

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  1. Inclusive open leadership Tania Allard, PhD [she / her] Developer

    advocate @Microsoft @ixek SciPy 2019 http://bit.ly/scipy2019-leadership
  2. 2 About me @ixek

  3. 3 ⚠ Warning Brief mention of harassment, burnout, systemic discrimination

    Take care of yourself @ixek
  4. 4 Story time... @ixek

  5. 5 @ixek Meet grandma Mae

  6. 6 3 @ixek Sell her recipe and make $$$ Open

    Source her recipe Start her own company And get her employees to sign NDAs Something else? 1 2 4 What are her options?
  7. 7 Open source!! @ixek • Attach a license and make

    it public • Make sure that others can contribute to the project • Accept / reject contributions • Has less time to bake as now she looks after a community
  8. 8 Sounds familiar? @ixek

  9. 9 Opening a can of worms... @ixek Harassment / bullying,

    hard decisions High burnout incidence Contributing to open source is a privilege It’s ok if your circumstances change Is it worth it?
  10. 10 @ixek (Intentional) inclusive leadership

  11. 11 @ ixek https://github.com/mozilla/diversity/blob/master/evaluation_tools/governance-basic.md

  12. 12 Invite and onboard @ixek

  13. 13 How are you bringing new voices to the table?

    @ixek Developer - community events Open, safe and active communication channels Intersectional tech / communities initiatives Reach out to people including underrepresented folks
  14. 14 The first contact can invite or deter folks @ixek

  15. 15

  16. 16 Planting the seed Step 0. PyCon UK, Hacktoberfest with

    PyData and Her + data Step 1. PyCon USA Step 2. PyCon UK, Hacktoberfest, Django conferences EuroScipy @ixek
  17. 17 @ixek

  18. 18 Effective onboarding Setting clear expectations and limits. Mentor /

    pair those stepping into leadership or contributing roles. @ixek
  19. 19 @ixek

  20. 20 @ixek https://docs.carpentries.org/topic_folders/policies/code-of-conduct.html

  21. 21 Empower the leaders of the future @ixek

  22. None
  23. 23 @ixek

  24. 24 Renew and recognise @ixek

  25. 25 @ixek Offboarding is as important as onboarding

  26. 26 What does sustainability mean to you? To your community

  27. Check-ins Keep our community healthy

  28. 28 @ixek To summarize 1. Being intentional about leadership 2.

    Have clear onboarding and offboarding processes 3. Define clear expectations 4. Empower the leaders of today and tomorrow 5. Continuous evaluation is key 6. It’s ok to step down
  29. 29 @ixek Thank you http://bit.ly/scipy2019-leadership Images from Unsplash from John

    Schnobrich, Franck V., and Nathan Dumlao