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Usability & Prototyping

2f890006636505e78f8f38d68ca46859?s=47 Uday Shankar
April 25, 2012

Usability & Prototyping

Blending Usability Testing with Interface Design, Prototyping and Rapid Iteration presentated at WebApps2010, Bangalore.
WebApps 2010 is a technical conference designed to bring together experts in all aspects of designing, developing and deploying Web applications. Web-based applications are revolutionizing both the features that can be delivered and the technologies for developing and deploying applications. They also involve a diverse collection of issues and technologies.


Uday Shankar

April 25, 2012

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  1. Usability + Prototyping Uday M. Shankar | Yahoo! Bangalore India

  2. Who am i   Been in UI/UX space for 11

    years   Present: Owns PROTOTYPING in Yahoo! India   Past: Was with Nokia Bangalore   Tweets at @udayms   Blogs at udayms.wordpress.com
  3. User Interface Design Facilitating the user to perform a specific

    task in a specific context in a fast and efficient manner by leveraging the power of technology and design. USER TASK CONTEXT
  4. As Design Evolves Low fidelity Less functional detail Static Less

    formal testing Disposable Paper Understand   Explore  &   Validate   Communicate   High fidelity More functional detail Interactive More formal testing Re-purpose-able Code
  5. Age old Process

  6. ‘New’ Process 1 Visual  Designer   Interac9on  Designer   Developer

  7. ‘New’ Process 2 Visual  Designer   Interac9on  Designer   Developer

      Usability  Tester  
  8. ‘Another’ New Process Visual  Designer   Interac9on  Designer   Prototyper

      User  Research   Rapid  Itera9ons  
  9. I Recommend Designer   Designer   Prototyper   User  Research

      User  Research   Rapid  Itera9ons  
  10. Why?  Going back to the drawing board is not a

    problem!  Documented design evolution  Sign off on design decisions
  11. Do Awesome Stuff! Save Money Save Time Save Effort

  12. Prototypes

  13. Know your User

  14. Know your Competition

  15. Know your Goals

  16. Evaluate Market Value

  17. Evaluate Technical Feasibility

  18. Evaluate Design

  19. Evaluate User Experience

  20. Remember!  Keep it quick & dirty  Beware of Feature creep

     Dont let ‘legacy’ design for you  Dont let design bias your user
  21. None
  22. Users are not REALLY forgiving

  23. Be Technology Agnostic

  24. Experience is the driver. Not Technology.

  25. None
  26. Questions?

  27. Thank You @udayms udayms.wordpress.com linkedin.com/in/udayms