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Rapid Application Development With Laravel Spark

Rapid Application Development With Laravel Spark


Otemuyiwa Prosper

May 12, 2016



  2. WHO AM I? @unicodeveloper

  3. ❏ Technical Trainer @ Andela ❏ Founder & Teacher @ ❏ Organizer of Lagos PHP Meetups ❏ Organizer of Laravel PHP Meetups ❏ Open Sorcerer ❏ Github: @unicodeveloper, Twitter: @unicodeveloper @unicodeveloper
  4. Laravel Spark @unicodeveloper

  5. Laravel Spark ❏ Handcrafted by Taylor Otwell ( Creator of

    Laravel ) ❏ Superhero Scaffolding ❏ NOT FREE!, I BET YOU THOUGHT IT WAS! @unicodeveloper
  6. Laravel Spark Armed with a lot of features out of

    the box: ❏ Authentication & Registration ❏ Subscriptions ❏ Teams ❏ Invoices ❏ Team billing ❏ Announcements ❏ User Impersonation ❏ Two-factor Authentication ❏ API Out of the Box ❏ Vue Client-Side Integration ❏ Customizable @unicodeveloper
  7. Laravel Spark - Why? ❏ Eliminate Stupid Mental Efforts ❏

    Don’t Reinvent the Wheel ❏ Build Your MVP in a weekend? NOOOOO!!!!!... ❏ Build Your MVP in a day? YES!!!!!!!!!...... ❏ Saas is the future of Modern business processes - Plug into the future. ❏ Empower Millions of developers/Managers/Techies to turn their ideas into products while giving the maximum time to focus on their business models. @unicodeveloper
  8. Laravel Spark - Time to take a Spin! @unicodeveloper

  9. Laravel Spark - My Fictitious Idea Just got the opportunity

    of a Lifetime, Guess what? Got a call from Justice League, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates 5 months ago. I HAVE UNLIMITED ACCESS TO THESE GUYS NOW! …..and I have introduced people to them, those guys got a life changing moment for free. WOOOOOOOOW! What if?..........I….I….I...turn this into a service and give people the ability to call these guys monthly. I can make a lot of money..BOOOM! LET’S TURN THIS INTO A PRODUCT!!!.....ONE DANCE!!! @unicodeveloper
  10. Laravel Spark - Life Changer App ❏ Head over to and register ❏ Once logged in, you’ll have access to the source code { various versions of it } ❏ You can download manually or Install the Spark Installer & scaffold easily. ❏ Fire up your dev environment, set it up & let’s dive in! @unicodeveloper
  11. Ideally, Your command should be `spark`, I renamed mine to

    `laravel-spark` @unicodeveloper
  12. @unicodeveloper

  13. Go the the SparkServiceProvider, A lot things will really happen

    here, the booted() method @unicodeveloper
  14. LIVE CODING!!!! ….A lot of information is embedded in the

    documentation, Please check the education resources slide. NextSlide++ @unicodeveloper ...The Live Video is also here,
  15. Laravel Spark - Educational Resources ❏ ❏ ❏ @unicodeveloper
  16. THANK YOU! @unicodeveloper