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The Open Source Community

The Open Source Community

#GDG Summit 2017

Otemuyiwa Prosper

September 22, 2017

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  1. High Priest of Open Source ❖ Delegate, SourceRoad 2017, SF.

    ❖ WONTFIX CABAL, GitHub HQ ❖ Aggressive Open Sourcerer
  2. How to contribute to Open Source ❖ Find a project

    to contribute to. ❖ Look at the issues. ❖ Document your solutions and progression. ❖ Be willing to accept feedback ❖ Find mentors & teach others ❖ Join a community
  3. Starting an Open Source Project ❖ Set a Goal ❖

    Contribute to Other Projects ❖ Choose a License ❖ Establish a code of conduct ❖ Name & brand your project
  4. Spreading the word & Finding Users ❖ Social Media ❖

    Speak about it at meetups & Conferences ❖ Build a Reputation ❖ Create First timer issues. Help people get started easily.
  5. “If your code is popular enough to attract outside contributions,

    you will have created a force multiplier that helps you get more work done faster and cheaper” - Tom Preston-Werner
  6. “When it comes to hiring developers, I’ll take a GitHub

    commit log over a resume any day” - John Resig
  7. What they think Open Source Comm. need? ❖ Only Developers

    ❖ Just Developers ❖ More Developers ❖ A battalion Of Developers
  8. What Open Source Comm. really need! ❖ Developers ❖ Technical

    Writers ❖ Community Managers/Organizers ❖ Accountants ❖ Lawyers
  9. How can you help? - The Open Source Comm. ❖

    More Developers/Engineers to squash bugs ❖ More Organizers ❖ More Advocates ❖ More Technical Writers ❖ Money - patreon.com, OpenCollective.org ❖ Love