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Living Walls Knowledge Transfer Day - 15 April 2014 (07/13 Maggie Fennel)

Living Walls Knowledge Transfer Day - 15 April 2014 (07/13 Maggie Fennel)

Please see more details and information on: http://lanyrd.com/2014/livingwalls/

Maggie Fennell, Manager, Boningale Greensky Nurseries

Maggie Fennell, is a huge supporter of sustainable technology, and is an expert on green roofs.
After a three year Knowledge Transfer post at the University of Sheffield, she now heads up Boningale GreenSky. Her role is to lead Boningale’s development of innovative horticultural solutions for both landscape designers and contractors, with a particular focus on green infrastructure used for SUDs and the built environment.


  1. Which green wall is most successful? A B D C

  2. Growing media for green roofs and living walls Maggie Fennell

  3. University of Sheffield Green Roof Centre

  4. GREEN ROOFS GREEN WALLS RAIN GARDENS Green Urban Infrastructure

  5. How do we harness positive health and productivity benefits?

  6. Advertising

  7. How much water and energy will your system consume?

  8. Water and nutrition: how much, and how often?

  9. Subtle difference in substrate = dramatic difference in plant growth

    Low maintenance, slower growth Higher maintenance, faster growth
  10. • Free-draining medium • Lower nutrition than peat • Good

    size rootball • Hardy and drought tolerant
  11. None
  12. A B D C

  13. Living walls that change with the seasons

  14. @boningaleroofs Maggie Fennell

  15. None
  16. None
  17. None
  18. None