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Living Walls Knowledge Transfer Day - 15 April 2014 (08 /13 Scotscape)

Living Walls Knowledge Transfer Day - 15 April 2014 (08 /13 Scotscape)

Please see more details and information on: http://lanyrd.com/2014/livingwalls/

Angus Cunningham, Managing Director, Scotscape Ltd

Scotscape has been established for 27 years, delivering reliable and award-winning landscaping services led by Angus Cunningham who is involved with the business on a day to day basis. We are a multi-disciplinary landscape construction business with a department focused solely on the design, installation and maintenance of living wall systems. Having worked with all systems on the market we can offer clear guidance to our clients on the most suitable system for their site and their budgetary requirements. The range of other landscape and construction services available at Scotscape enable us to offer a full turnkey in-house service covering all aspects of design, specialist irrigation, rainwater harvesting, installation and maintenance of all of our projects. We are committed to research and development surrounding living wall systems and have invested in a research project at the University of Sheffield studying the thermal benefits and water usage of living wall systems. Our commitment continues next with the University of Cambridge to support the generation of electricity through plants and system development.


  1. Living Walls Living Walls

  2. Living Wall Installation & Maintenance Fabric Living Wall system

  3. Landscape & Sustainability

  4. Living Walls Installing and maintaining Living walls for 8 years

    Over 20,000m2 installed to date Variety of systems Developed semi-hydroponic fabric system with University of Seville Maintenance contract with each wall
  5. Living Walls, Old Style

  6. Living Walls, Old Style

  7. Living Walls, Green Roofs

  8. Living Walls – “New Style”

  9. Living Walls – “New Style”

  10. Living Walls – “New Style”

  11. Living Walls – “New Style”

  12. Living Walls – “New Style”

  13. Options: Living Art

  14. Options: Living Art

  15. Options: Stainless Steel Trellis

  16. Options: Stainless Steel Trellis

  17. Options: Pre-Grown Ivy Screen

  18. Aquatic Centre Installation 485 m² steel requiring cladding

  19. Installation 2,000 lin mtrs 200mm x 75mm structural grade timber

    8,000 stainless steel fixings
  20. Installation 500 m² waterproof membrane

  21. Installation 50,000 Blue Moor Grass (Sesleria Caerulea)

  22. Installation 2 x team of 5 for 16 weeks

  23. Installation Cherry Picker with 120m reach for 16 weeks

  24. Installation 30% modules adjusted on site to suit curves

  25. Installatio 2,500 lin mtrs irrigation pipe

  26. Irrigation Air gap between wall & membrane 25 zones for

    irigation Rainwater Harvesting
  27. Installation Flue from pool plant

  28. Installation

  29. Installation - Legacy Additional 385m² Living Wall

  30. Installation - Legacy Landscaping to base

  31. Fabric Developed in Conjunction with the University of Seville 1m²

    panels or made to measure 85mm deep
  32. Fabric Semi-hydroponic Culture Saturated Weight 41kg per m²

  33. Fabric 10 year Warranty Multilayer Fitotextile®

  34. Fabric 100% Waterproof backing 100% Root resistant Planted in-situe Integrated

    accessible irrigation
  35. Fabric M&S Slough

  36. Fabric Sheer Test

  37. Fabric Sheer Test A maximum service load of 250 kg

    per 45 cm of width This equals over 450 kg per meter Maximum service load of the profile was reached, not that of the fabric
  38. Day 1 Fabric

  39. Day 1

  40. Day 1

  41. Day 1

  42. Maintenance 2 x horticultural visits per annum visual inspection twice

    per month calibrate irrigation application of bio-controls when required light prune consistent to time of year remove weeds top up plant feeder sweep local hard standing and remove arisings during each visit decommission irrigation over Winter and re-commission in Spring
  43. Irrigation Air gap between wall & membrane

  44. Irrigation Air gap between wall & membrane 1 ltr per

    m2 per day Rainwater harvesting
  45. Oops!

  46. Forward thinking

  47. Logistics !

  48. Maintenance in progress

  49. Maintenance in progress

  50. Maintenance in progress

  51. Maintenance in progress

  52. Maintenance in progress

  53. Maintenance in progress

  54. Correct Choice of Plants Correct Plant Choice will give a

    life span of 15 years plus to living walls
  55. Correct Irrigation System Correct Irrigation System will give a life

    span of 15 years plus to living walls
  56. Regular maintenance will give a life span of 15 years

    plus to living walls Regular Maintenance
  57. Any questions? For more information visit www.scotscapelivingwalls.net