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Living Walls Knowledge Transfer Day - 15 April 2014 (01/13 Dr Benz Kotzen)

Living Walls Knowledge Transfer Day - 15 April 2014 (01/13 Dr Benz Kotzen)

Please see more details and information on: http://lanyrd.com/2014/livingwalls/

Dr Benz Kotzen, Leader of Sustainable Landscapes Research Group, University of Greenwich

Dr Benz Kotzen is a Chartered Landscape Architect with over 25 years experience in the field. He is Sustainable Landscape Research Group Leader in the Department of Architecture and Landscape, University of Greenwich and has been teaching landscape design for over 15 years at the University. Benz’s expertise includes environmental noise particularly related to landscape design and he has written two books on the subject. Other fields of research include afocus on dry and arid lands, the combat of desertification and in particular restoration techniques through planting. Micro landscape manipulation, plant choice and water supply play a big part in designing appropriate solutions and this focus on water extends into research into the ‘green cities agenda’ with green roofs and living walls as well as aquaponics as a part of urban agriculture. Benz is Chair of two EU funded projects, COST Action ES1104 on the combat of desertification and restoration in drylands and COST Action FA1305 on EU aquaponics. Benz has led the establishment of the University of Greenwich Green Roofs and Living Walls Centre which will become a leading focus for research and education in creating sustainable ‘green’ solutions for the 21st century.


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  2. Benz: Welcome to the delegates – thanks for coming. Thank

    you to our partners who are supporting the event by participating, setting up sample walls and speaking: • Gary Grant our Keynote Speaker (Green Roof Consultancy) • Professor Kirill Horoshenkov, Department of Engineering, Sheffield University • Maggie Fennell, Manager, Boningale GreenSky • Kevin Hobbs, Wholesale Nursery Director, Hillier Nurseries • Angus Cunningham, Director, Scotscape • Armando Raish, Director, Treebox • Richard Sabin, Director, Biotecture • Steve McIntyre, Manager, ANS Group (Europe) • Tomaz Cufer, Director, Humko Bled • Artur Akira de Andrade, Manger, Sempergreen (Benz Note – Sempergreen may not be able to attend but will supply info on Llanyrd). Not speaking but supporting us – visit them in the room where we registered/coffee/lunch • Sean Farrell, Director, Mobilane • Nikki Errington, MMA Architectural Systems • Thanks also to our speakers from University of Greenwich: 2
  3. • Dr Sarah Milliken • Shelley Mosco • Michelle Sanchez

    HOUSEKEEPING Fire exits Loos Phones – please turn to silent but see the seminar website http://lanyrd.com/2014/livingwalls/ We’ll be updating it with speaker notes etc. Tweet us @lvingwallsUoG TIMING Please stick to timing – We’ve got a lot to pack in to the day, you’ll have time to speak with our partners at breaks & lunch as well – we can carry on after the seminar. We have to vacate sharply 5:15 because another group (may) has the seminar room & our lunchroom (QA63) booked & need to set up. 2
  4. Green Roofs and Living Walls Centre, part of the Sustainable

    Landscapes Research Group at University of Greenwich This is a centre for research and education fro industry and academia. Our new home will be at Stockwell Street, due for completion later this year. It will have Europe’s largest multifunctional roof, with bespoke facilities for research & teaching. 3
  5. There will be 14 different roof zones – for aquaponics,

    apiary, urban agriculture and areas for green roof & living walls research. Still under wraps but we can reveal that we’re currently working with a large retailer and developer on research projects involving living walls and local schools. We’ll be looking for funding schemes involving industry and SME’s and would welcome working with you… 4
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