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Jen Blatz - Keep Cognitive Biases from Creeping into your UX Design and User Research

March 18, 2022

Jen Blatz - Keep Cognitive Biases from Creeping into your UX Design and User Research

Generally, people go into tests with good intentions of gathering accurate, pristine information, so how does all this bias creep in? It’s pretty common to have several psychological biases working against you that can cloud your design and user research. This talk will focus on surfacing some of the darkest types of bias and how to prevent and combat them. Also, learn how to use some of those cognitive biases for good in your designs. No dark patterns here folks.


March 18, 2022

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  1. Cognitive Biases Stay out of Design and Research! Jen Blatz

    UX Researcher & Designer @jnblatz @jnblatz
  2. Cognitive Bias Agenda Agenda • Define cognitive bias • Signs

    in yourself & others • What you can do to fight them off • Use them for good! @jnblatz jenniferblatz
  3. Cognitive Bias Definition Definition A cognitive bias is a systematic

    pattern of deviation from norm or rationality in judgment. @jnblatz jenniferblatz
  4. Cognitive Bias Not Invented Here Bias Not invented here •

    Job security • Fear • Jealous • Turf war @jnblatz jenniferblatz
  5. Cognitive Bias Courtesy Bias Brainstorming 1. Write ideas down silently

    2. Put post it notes on the wall silently 3. Discuss ideas together, as a group @jnblatz jenniferblatz
  6. Cognitive Bias Summary Summary • Biases affect everyone • Be

    open to different and outside ideas • Need to fit in with the group • Memory skews • Use cognitive biases for good @jnblatz jenniferblatz