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Mapping out User Journeys (Mohammed Pitolwala)

October 25, 2013

Mapping out User Journeys (Mohammed Pitolwala)

The necessity of providing user satisfaction on every key touchpoint in your business is critical to your success. The issue, however, is identifying those crucial touchpoints.

Customer journey maps could be an incredibly helpful solution in this area.

For example, a well-designed website is not enough when the customer’s tech support call was unpleasant and unsatisfactory. Journey maps help you identify these micro interactions from a users perspective and ensure that their experience is great at all the touch points.

In this workshop, designed by the Stanford d.school, you'll learn about how to map a users step by step experience, map the "on stage" and "back stage" touch points and systems, add in the users attitudes, emotions and needs; and finally identifying and prioritizing the problems and opportunities. You'll be working in small teams of 4-5 in a very collaborative manner with quick, time crunched tasks.

The bottom line: Good things happen when you focus on your users’ journey.

See how Airbnb used storyboards and user journey maps to design a seamless experience for their users http://www.inc.com/jana-kasperkevic/joe-gebbia-airbnb-99u-empathize-users-storyboard-their-experience.html


October 25, 2013

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  2. HELLO! I’M MOHAMMED I’m a product & UX designer

  3. BUILDING A LEAN MVP How to get traction on a

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  4. But before we talk about building Lean MVPs, lets talk

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    should solve a problem All users care about that your product works and it solves their problem
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  8. BUILDING A LEAN MVP • using a static website •

    using existing tools & platforms • email • blog • Facebook\twitter • doing it manually
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    Facebook + manual effort
  10. MOVELINE Moveline aggregates quotes from moving companies Used a static

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  12. GROUPON Do I need to tell you what Groupon does?

    ;) Started off as a Blog
  13. WHY LEAN MVP? • Fastest way to find out product

    market fit • Easy to pivot • You will clearly understand what to automate • You can really wow your customers. Think personalization • Helps you focus on the problem, not the solution
  14. People don’t want a quarter inch drill, they wan’t a

    quarter inch hole
  15. Disclaimer! this isn’t possible for every product, but a lot

    of web business ideas can be built initially using above techniques ;)
  16. •Clayton Christensen •Andrew Chen •Tom Chi •Eric Ries PEOPLE WHO’VE

  17. THANK YOU :)

  18. mohammedsp.me@gmail.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/mmadsp