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UXINDIA17 - Hollywood and its influence on digital delivery

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November 20, 2017

UXINDIA17 - Hollywood and its influence on digital delivery

Hollywood and its influence on digital delivery



November 20, 2017


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  2. Hello. We are using #tigerspike today Digital Delivery & Hollywood’s

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  4. Trauma and Tech: WTF! How the hell do I use

    this again?
  5. Healthcare. Its complicated. I get it. But… Security? Meh. Where’s

    my A3 pad and pen?
  6. Innovation is now owned by corporations

  7. Hypernormalisation Alexei Yurchak : ‘Everything was Forever, Until it was

    No More: The Last Soviet Generation’ Source: Adam Curtis - Youtube
  8. The cool kids Are moving to Storytelling

  9. Hollywood Structure: The Hero’s Journey ACT 1 ACT 2 ACT

    3 Ordinary World Special World Ordinary World Source: cHRISTOPHER VOGLER- tHE Writer’s journey
  10. Tigerspike’s Storytelling Approach ACT 1 ACT 2 ACT 3 Experience

    Definition Design & Build Support & Maintenance Source: cHRISTOPHER VOGLER- tHE Writer’s journey
  11. An emotionally vulnerable male lead finds himself clashing with his

    closest family members. Alienated from the group, he becomes separated, just as a pack of criminals descends on his location. With his personal security threatened and the police failing to respond appropriately, he is forced to take matters into his own hands to fend off the intruders. The protagonist has to invent clever traps, attack plans, and hideouts to outsmart the enemy. Plot
  12. Plot Overprotective, single father falls into dangerous situations in search

    of abducted child.
  13. Plot An old bitter man in changing times befriends his

    young neighbour, who helps him overcome his cynicism and dislike of people after the death of his wife.
  14. Mentor Hero Threshold Guardians Archetypes Shapeshifter Herald Shadow Trickster

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  16. Are there really new stories, or the same ones revisited?

    Effective leaders will read the plot and shape to a required archetype Like journey mapping, the entire story can reveal enormous riches Consider architypes in your delivery story
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