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UXINDIA18 - Make me stop and think!

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October 05, 2018

UXINDIA18 - Make me stop and think!

18 min Ted Talk - Day 2



October 05, 2018


  1. None
  2. Do make me think The inherent danger of convenience

  3. 20 years ago

  4. The coffee shop ‘to do’ list

  5. “We are the sum total of our experiences” B.J. Neblett

  6. Global study One-to-one methodology Thousands of hours with consumers Observational

  7. Error prone Disorientation Frustration Why?

  8. Make it simple

  9. None
  10. Interaction cost Physical load Cognitive load = +

  11. Error prone Disorientation Frustration Reduced error rate High level of

    control Contentment Process with added friction points
  12. Reality vs perception • Increased friction • Reduced cognitive load

    • Reduced interaction cost
  13. Neil Pawley Principal Consultant neil.pawley@foolproof.co.uk London Norwich Singapore