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Bill Buxton - On Long Noses, Sampling, Synthesis, Design & Innovation

UX London
May 29, 2012

Bill Buxton - On Long Noses, Sampling, Synthesis, Design & Innovation

It is my belief that professional design has both a rhythm and a process – both of which can be learned and effectively practiced, even if you would rather be doing anything else but work on that design.

UX London

May 29, 2012

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  1. Computer Science and Telecommunications Board of the National Research Council

    (2003). Innovation in Information Technology. Washington DC: The National Academies Press. The evolution of network technology
  2. The Long Nose Invention Refinement & Augmentation Productization $1B Radar

    1984 Early Multi-Touch 2007 iPhone MS Surface ~  
  3. Jonathan  Ive   Apple    iPod  (G1  2001)    

    Dieter  Rams   Braun  T3  Radio  (1958)     Pointer,  Teague  &  Peter%l   Regency  TR-­‐11  Radio  (1954)    
  4. Lessons: •  Being first isn’t necessary, nor a guarantee • 

    Everything exists in a context or ecosystem •  The more you understand it, the more you can improve and the more consistent you can become
  5. F.G. Smart House Telephone Videoconf H-H GUI H-C B.G. • 

    Of person •  Device •  Task •  Context •  Etc.