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Challenges of designing an interactive children’s book for iPad

Challenges of designing an interactive children’s book for iPad

Ari-Matti works as digital marketing manager in Spinfy Oy. In his talk about challenges of designing an interactive book for iPad. Spinfy Oy recently released a Moomins interactive book for iPad that was very well received.



June 12, 2012


  1. Stories at Your Fingertips 25.5.2012

  2. •  People read less today •  Reading has shifted from

    print to Internet and mobile devices •  Fewer kids are reading for fun •  How to make children read books again? •  Utilize new technology •  Turn technology into magical moments Reading Is Boring?  
  3. •  Huge growth of the e-book market •  Surprises make

    stories last longer •  Stories that you can touch and interact with •  You can take an active part to what’s going to happen next •  Pages come alive with interactions and funny sound effects Interactive Storybooks  
  4. •  Story is still in the focus •  Interactive storybooks

    are within a hand’s reach •  The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My •  A 60-year-old classic •  Original illustrations and story by Tove Jansson •  The best-known Finnish children’s brand Stories at Your Fingertips  
  5. •  Original printed illustrations •  A need to cut out

    objects from the background •  Background and moving objects should be drawn separately •  Interactions should closely relate to the story •  Integral part of the reading experience •  Respect the original story The Challenges  
  6. •  Children’s books make an effortless jump into new technology

    •  Production engine is lightweight, fast, and easy-to-use •  Own production engine •  Not dependent on any third party technology •  No restrictions on what we can do •  Open source components The Little Engine That Could  
  7. •  Introduced at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair •  1200

    exhibitors with children’s books only •  Created interest in our knowhow and products •  It’s a book, not a game •  Die-cuts and 3D-animated page turn •  Language versions The Launch  
  8. •  Understanding of the publishing business •  Contacts •  Sound

    effects and narration •  Localization •  Translations in written and in spoken •  Invaluable market knowledge and marketing support Cooperation with Publishing Houses  
  9. •  The Book About Moomin, Mymble and Little My • 

    iPad version •  iPhone version •  Android version •  Language versions •  New Moomin stories •  New characters The Bright Future  
  10. Ari-Matti Rytilahti Digital Marketing Manager ari-matti.rytilahti@spinfy.com +358 40 7455314 www.spinfy.com

    Thank you!