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Importance of creating a good user experience online

Importance of creating a good user experience online

Eeva Kangas, CEO, M.Sc., entrepreneur. Kangas has been working in user experience field for 20 years. Mostly she has been working for other companies as an subcontractor. She started her own company September 2011.

In her talk she will share do’s and don’t of creating good user experience online.



June 12, 2012



  2. What is User Experience •  User Experience is the feeling

    or emotion created when interacting with product or service. •  To succeed in web experience service needs to: •  meet users and business goals •  be easy to use •  Every company wants to offer great user experiences. There is no UX designer whose intent is to build crappy user experience and on the other hand, there is no user who would like to buy a bad product.
  3. For family holidays?

  4. What Users Want? I like strawberry and cream, but I

    know that sh like worms. So when I go shing I think what the sh want. It is naive to talk about what I want. The only way to make an impact on somebody is to talk about the things what he wants and show how he gets it. -Dale Carnegie-
  5. Jesse James Garrett’s Elements of User Experience

  6. How does Your Organisation look like? Technology Driven CEO  

    Engineer   Somebody   Sales   Somebody   Marke5ng   Somebody   R&D   Manager   Economist   CEO   Economist   Somebody   Sales   Somebody   Marke5ng   Somebody   R&D   Manager   Engineer   Business Driven
  7. Why is it so difficult to create smooth and uent

    experience? •  Companies are Technology Driven •  Companies are Business Driven •  UX speaks a different language •  The role and value of UX is not taken seriously
  8. Process De ne user Groups Gather business requirements Gather User

    Needs Prioritize Requirements or Needs Implement Evaluate
  9. Example •  There is a lot of different music services

    in the web. Same music can be found in different services. Same situation will be also in for example lm-, photo web services and e-book business in the future. •  Users will select the service based on the user experience. •  Users want to nd their favorite music/ lm/photos/books easily and maybe nd some new things based on the recommendations. •  What about the mobile phones? Is there really big difference in features or is it the user experience what makes the phone great or not?
  10. Simple and easy to use

  11. Easy travelling

  12. Potential bene ts of usability (Nigel Bevan, 2005) •  Development

    costs can be reduced by: –  producing a product that has only relevant functionality –  detecting and xing usability problems early in the development process –  minimizing or eliminating the need for documentation –  reducing the risk of product failure
  13. Potential bene ts of usability (Nigel Bevan, 2005) •  Increase

    e-commerce sales by increasing the number of customers who: –  can nd products that they want –  nd information easily –  are satis ed with the web site and make repeat purchases –  doesn’t require any support, or use the web site for support –  recommend the site to others
  14. Potential bene ts of usability (Nigel Bevan, 2005) •  Usage

    bene ts for employers –  faster learning –  reducing task time and increase productivity –  reducing employee errors that have to be corrected later –  reducing employee errors that impact on the quality of service –  reducing staff turnover as a result of higher satisfaction and motivation –  reducing time spent by other staff providing assistance when users encounter difficulties •  Reduce support and maintenance costs –  reducing support and help line costs –  reducing costs of training –  reducing maintenance costs
  15. Easy to use bank

  16. Which one would you choose?

  17. Where's the focus?

  18. Little bit too retro?

  19. Which one would you choose?

  20. Different view for different use


    customers will give you money more easier than sad customers…
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