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Starting Up and Over Abroad

Starting Up and Over Abroad

Kenneth Lampinen is a Finnish-American who emigrated to Finland 7 years ago. He has years of international work experience across the United States, Europe, Asia, Japan and Russia. He has served in various roles at global technology giants like Microsoft and Nokia, including product management, business management, and investor relations.

A frank discussion on Kenneth’s observations about jumping from a large corporation to being a successful (and happy) entrepreneur in a foreign country.



June 12, 2012


  1. Star%ng  Up  and  Over  Abroad   Observa%ons  from  my  

    entrepreneurial  journey  in  Finland  
  2. “In  the  beginning  there  was  the   swamp,  the  hoe

     –  and  Jussi.”  
  3. Everybody’s  talking  about  Finland   24.5.2012 17.30 Society: The only

    way is Finland Society: The only way is Finland Our politicians seem to be obsessed with the place, but what makes it so great? Equality, education – and Angry Birds Tim Walker Wednesday, 23 May 2012 America may once have been the Land of Opportunity, but thanks to its rising levels of inequality – not to mention the nightmarish visa restrictions – our political class now has another destination in mind. "If you want the American Dream," Ed Miliband says, "go to Finland." This week, the Labour leader told a conference on social mobility that "if you are born poor in a more equal society like Finland, Norway or Denmark, then you have a better chance of moving into a good job than if you are born poor in the United States". Finland may feature consistently in the world suicide rate top 20, but according to the recent UN World Happiness Report, it's actually the second-"happiest" country in the world (after nearby Denmark), based not only on wealth, but on political freedom, strong social networks
  4. The  Most  Important  Ques%on:     Who  Am  I?  

  5. “You  don’t  get  rich  working  for   someone  else.”  

  6. Live  an  Inspired  Life  

  7. Cul%vate  people  to  do  what  you   cannot  do  (or

     should  not  do)  
  8. “Weed  out”  the  wrong  people  from   your  endeavors  

  9. Manage  your  most  important  resource   relentlessly:  You  

  10. Evolve  without  Fear  

  11. Stay  hungry.  Stay  humble.