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Crowd sourcing “dumb” people

Crowd sourcing “dumb” people

Ykä currently work in two startups (W-Secure Ltd and Vibsolas Ltd) as an owner, founder, CTO and Product Evangelist. He is also a co-founder of Starttaamo.fi (community for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs) and Somepitching.com (online social business idea competition). Ykä has also a PhD in Human Sciences from Loughborough University (UK).

In his talk he will share his experience at SoMePitching. What happens when using ordinary people for crowdsourcing the best business ideas? Ykä tells a story about how new startup competition idea was born and what he has learned about crowdsourcing after three competitions. Are people dumb or just hard to control?



June 12, 2012


  1. Crowdsourcing with ”dumb” people Ykä Marjanen SomePitching

  2. Dumb = people who don’t do what you want

  3. Biggest crowdsourcing event?

  4. Political elections

  5. Who decides the faith of Greece?

  6. ME ME ME

  7. The story

  8. The big vision

  9. The first competition

  10. The concept – done in few days

  11. After three competitions 97 countries 60 teams 60 invited jury

    500 registered voters 3000+ ratings 20 sponsors X hours of work And still married...
  12. Some bold statements  Clarify the reason you’re doing it

     Understand your crowd  You can design rules and restrictions – people will overcome them  Be consistent and repeat the message  Improve all the time  Respond quickly  It’s not about technology or money  Overnight success is a myth
  13. My crowdsourcing rules 1. Define and verify motivations 2. Obsess

    and constantly develop the process 3. Create rules and guides and make them simple 4. Start low, but aim high 5. DO DO DO!!!
  14. Last remark It’s not enough that you get feedback, It’s

    equally important that you understand who gives the feedback and why
  15. LINKS LINKS LINKS http://www.somepitching.com http://www.twitter.com/ykamarjanen http://www.tavaravahti.com http://www.innozed.com http://www.starttaamo.fi