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Search Infrastructure using Lambda Architecture

Search Infrastructure using Lambda Architecture



Ananth Packkildurai

May 31, 2017


  1. Search infrastructure using Lambda Architecture Ananth Packkildurai

  2. Outline 1.Search @ Slack 2.Lambda Architecture 3.Search infrastructure overview 4.FCC

    Design patterns
  3. Search @ Slack


  5. Lambda Architecture

  6. Stream processing trade-offs Pick 2 Speed Accuracy Volume

  7. Lambda Architecture

  8. Search Infrastructure overview

  9. Search infrastructure overview

  10. ! Online sharding by Collections ! Offline sharding by CompositeId

    Router Sharding strategy
  11. mutating Index & Delta Replication • What happens if someone

    edits the
 message that indexed in 
 batch mode? • A snapshot occurs at time T1, 
 the index built, and the core 
 comes online at T2.Between T1 & T2, How to handle the update?
  12. FCC Pattern

  13. Fork Pattern

  14. Contract

  15. Clone

  16. Any Questions? Thanks!