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What's new in the latest Docker release and Docker Hub @ docker

What's new in the latest Docker release and Docker Hub @ docker

Small presentation about what's new in the Docker Platform

Victor Vieux

July 25, 2014

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  1. Docker Meetup with AWS Elastic Beanstalk - @docker– 05/06/2014 What’s

    new in the latest Docker release and Docker Hub Victor Vieux, Docker Inc. @vieux
  2. Some numbers Date   06/09/2014   07/24/2014   Docker  version

      1.0   1.1.2   #  of  pulls   2,943,991   5,907,724   +100%   #  of  pushes   105,663   169,589   +60%   #  of  repositories   15,437   23,345   +50%  
  3. What’s new in the Docker Engine ?

  4. We finally moved dotcloud/docker => docker/docker

  5. docker pause & docker unpause •  We added the ability

    to pause a container (freeze the process inside it). •  So it’s now safe to commit a running container because it’ll be paused automatically.
  6. Networking strategies •  --net=bridge : default behavior, the container gets

    an IP on a bridge shared by all the containers
  7. Networking strategies •  --net=host : the container access the host

    interfaces directly
  8. docker run --net=container:c1 ubuntu sh \ -c “echo test |

    nc 80” Networking strategies •  --net=container:<container_id> : share the network stack of another container docker run --name c1 ubuntu nc –l 80
  9. Networking strategies •  --net=none : disable networking completely, the container

    only gets a loopback interface. https://docs.docker.com/reference/run/#network-settings
  10. .dockerignore •  Exclude some directories when sending the context the

    daemon during a build •  For example most of the time you could add the .git folder to the .dockerignore https://docs.docker.com/reference/builder/#dockerignore
  11. COPY instruction •  ADD without download and untar •  Please

    use COPY if it’s only what you need! https://docs.docker.com/reference/builder/#copy
  12. ..and tons of other improvements! •  Overall performance and stability

    •  Logs tailing with docker logs --tail •  Ability to bind mount your whole host fs into a container: docker run –v /:/some/path •  Filter client output with docker image –filter •  --force-rm to remove containers, even after a fail build. •  Testing framework and code coverage https://github.com/docker/docker/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md
  13. What’s new in the Docker Hub?

  14. Organizations and groups

  15. Organizations and groups

  16. Bitbucket support (hg and git)

  17. Private repositories and private automated builds One free private repository

    when you sign up at http://hub.docker.com
  18. Official repositories

  19. The console

  20. The console

  21. The console

  22. What’s next in the Docker Engine?

  23. Fine grain control over capabilities •  Docker defines a whitelist

    of capabilities, all the other are dropped. •  --privileged was introduced to grant access to all the capabilities. •  In the release we will introduce --cap-add and --cap-drop
  24. --cap-add/--cap-drop examples •  Change the status of the container’s interfaces:

    •  Prevent any chown in the container: •  Allow all capabilities but mknod: docker run --cap-add=NET_ADMIN ubuntu sh –c “ip link eth0 down” docker run --cap-drop=CAP_CHOWN ... docker run --cap-add=ALL --cap-drop=MKNOD ...
  25. Adding host devices to a container •  You could use

    add devices by using a bind mount and --privileged . •  In the next release we will introduce the --device flag. •  To use your sound card without requiring privileged mode: docker run --device=/dev/snd:/dev/snd ...
  26. Remote volumes •  docker run -v /host/path:/container/path on a remote

    machine, like OSX & boot2docker! •  At first using fuse, but could be another “driver” later. https://github.com/bradfitz/docker/tree/fuse
  27. Thank you! Questions? http://docker.com http://hub.docker.com @docker - @vieux