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Key Enhancements
 in Redmine 5.1

November 10, 2023

Key Enhancements
 in Redmine 5.1

This material highlights new features in Redmine 5.1 released on October 31, 2023. It aims to select and emphasize those features that are highly recommended and may be easily overlooked.

HTML version is also available: https://www.redmineadvisor.com/articles/5_1/new-features/


November 10, 2023

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  1. ▪ 26 years of IT industry experience (1997-) ▪ CEO

    of Far End Technologies Corporation in Japan 
 a project management SaaS provider (2008-) ▪ Founder of “Redmine.JP”, the largest website about Redmine in Japan (2007) ▪ Redmine development team memberʢ2014-ʣ linktr.ee/maeda.go About me MAEDA Go (前⽥剛)
  2.  About this material ▪ Highlighting New Features in Redmine

    5.1 ▪ Selecting highly recommended and easily overlooked features ▪ A Reference for reviewing and assessing new features in Redmine 5.1
  3.  About Redmine 5.1 ▪ Released on October 31, 2023

    ▪ The fi rst major update in 1 year and 7 months since the release of Redmine 5.0 ▪ Includes 148 improvements and fi xes ▪ Particularly numerous enhancements related to fi lters ▪ Planned to be the last release of the 5.x series
  4.  Filters and custom queries in the users list in

    admin area Re-implement admin project list using ProjectQuery system - https://www.redmine.org/issues/33422 Filters and custom queries that were already implemented in Projects screen are now available also in Projects list in the admin area.
  5.  Project deletion in the background Background job and dedicated

    status for project deletion - https://www.redmine.org/issues/36691 It is now possible to delete projects in the background (requires a queue manager like Sidekiq). Deleting projects that contain a large number of issue or subprojects can be very time-consuming, but it can now be done in the background. To use Sidekiq with Redmine: Set up Sidekiq and add the following to config/additional_environment.rb. For more details, search for “Sidekiq” on the Wiki at www.redmine.org. 
 config.active_job.queue_adapter = :sidekiq
  6.  Filters and custom queries in the users list in

    admin area Upgrade Admin/Users list to use the query system - https://www.redmine.org/issues/37674 Filtering is now available in the Admin → Users screen, allowing for more granular conditions to narrow down users. To search with the same behavior as in older versions, use the “Name, email or login” fi lter. There is also support for custom queries.
  7.  Support for WebP images WebP images support - https://www.redmine.org/issues/38168

    Inline and thumbnail display of WebP format images is now supported. 
 In earlier versions, they were treated merely as binary fi les, not images. Supported image fi le extensions as of 5.1: bmp, gif, jpg, jpe, jpeg, png, webp
  8.  Display calendar in list layout on mobile screens On

    mobile screens, the calendar is now displayed in a vertical list layout. Display calendar in vertical list layout on mobile screens - https://www.redmine.org/issues/33682 5.0 5.1
  9.  Auto watch issues on creation Auto watch issues on

    issue creation - https://www.redmine.org/issues/38238 The “Issues I created” option has been added to “Auto watch” settings in “My account”. If this option is enabled, you are automatically added as a watcher when you create an issue. For new users, all auto watch options are enabled by default.
  10. If you turn on the auto watch option “Issues I

    created”, I recommend you to change the email noti fi cation option from “Only for thing I watch or I’m involved in” to “Only for thing I watch or I am assigned to”. • You will continue to receive noti fi cations about issues you have created as before • You can stop noti fi cations by unwatching an issue, even if you are the one who created it Administration → Settings →User My account
  11.  “Contains any of” fi lter operator for OR searches

    “contains any of” operator for text fi lters to perform OR search of multiple terms - https://www.redmine.org/issues/38435 You can perform an OR search by selecting the “Contains any of” operator in text fi elds and specifying multiple terms separated by spaces.
  12.  <Related feature> 
 To perform an AND search, use

    the “contains” operator and specify multiple terms separated by spaces. Already available in Redmine 5.0.
  13.  OR Search with multiple terms for “Starts With” and

    “Ends With” Filter Operators OR search with multiple terms for “starts with” and “ends with” fi lter operators - https://www.redmine.org/issues/38456 “Starts with” and “Ends with” fi lter operators now allow an OR search when multiple terms are speci fi ed, separated by spaces. The above example extracts issues with attachments that have the extension .pptx or .pdf
  14.  Specifying multiple issues in related issues fi lters It

    is now possible to specify multiple issue IDs separated by spaces or commas in the related issues fi lter, such as “Related to”, “Blocks”, and “Follows” fi lter. 
 In Redmine 5.0, only the “Parent task”, “Subtasks” and “Issue” fi lters supported multiple issue IDs. Multiple issue ids in "Related to" fi lter - https://www.redmine.org/issues/38301
  15.  “Any searchable text” fi lter “Any searchable text” fi

    lter for issues - https://www.redmine.org/issues/38402 This fi lter searches all text-based fi elds in issues, such as the subject, description, comments, and custom fi elds that have been set as “Searchable”.
  16.  Issues extracted by the “Any searchable text” fi lter

    match those from the search box, but can be further re fi ned by combining with other fi lters.
  17.  New issues fi lter operators “has been”, “has never

    been”, and “changed from” New issues fi lter operators “has been”, “has never been”, and “changed from” - https://www.redmine.org/issues/38527 Three fi lter operators for searching issues history, “has been” “has never been”, and “changed from” have been added. For example, it is now possible to search for issues where you are or have been the assignee.
  18.  Operator Behavior has been Matches if current or past

    value is equal to given value. has never been Matches if neither current nor past values are equal to the given value. The inverse of “has been”. changed from Matches if the value has been changed from the given value to another in the past. Behavior of the “has been”, “has never been”, and “Changed from” operators
  19.  Example uses the “has been”, “has never been”, and

    “changed from” operators Extracts issues where I am the assignee or have been the assignee in the past. Extracts issues where I am not the assignee and have never been the assignee in the past. Extracts issues that have had their status changed from “Closed” to a di ff erent one in the past (the current status is irrelevant; it may still be “Closed” or it may be di ff erent).
  20. cisco_ios (Cisco IOS con fi guration)  Enhanced code highlighting

    with the update to Rouge 4.2 The code highlighting library Rouge has been updated to version 4.2, increasing the number of supported languages to 218 (+11 from Redmine 5.0). plsql (Oracle PL/SQL) Update Rouge to 4.2 - https://www.redmine.org/issues/37236
  21. abap, actionscript, ada, apache, apex, apiblueprint, applescript, armasm, augeas, awk,

    batch fi le, bbcbasic, bibtex, biml, bpf, brainfuck, brightscript, bsl, c, ceylon, cfscript, cisco_ios, clean, clojure, cmake, cmhg, codeowners, co ff eescript, common_lisp, conf, console, coq, cpp, crystal, csharp, css, csvs, cuda, cypher, cython, d, dafny, dart, datastudio, di ff , digdag, docker, dot, ecl, eex, ei ff el, elixir, elm, email, epp, erb, erlang, escape, factor, fl uent, fortran, freefem, fsharp, gdscript, ghc-cmm, ghc-core, gherkin, glsl, go, gradle, graphql, groovy, hack, haml, handlebars, haskell, haxe, hcl, hlsl, hocon, hql, html, http, hylang, idlang, idris, igorpro, ini, io, irb, isabelle, isbl, j, janet, java, javascript, jinja, jsl, json, json-doc, jsonnet, jsp, jsx, julia, kotlin, lasso, lean, liquid, literate_co ff eescript, literate_haskell, livescript, llvm, lua, lustre, lutin, m68k, magik, make, markdown, mason, mathematica, matlab, meson, minizinc, moonscript, mosel, msgtrans, mxml, nasm, nesasm, nginx, nial, nim, nix, objective_c, objective_cpp, ocaml, ocl, openedge, opentype_feature_ fi le, pascal, perl, php, plaintext, plist, plsql, postscript, powershell, praat, prolog, prometheus, properties, protobuf, puppet, python, q, qml, r, racket, reasonml, rego, rescript, rml, robot_framework, ruby, rust, sas, sass, scala, scheme, scss, sed, shell, sieve, slice, slim, smalltalk, smarty, sml, sparql, sqf, sql, ssh, stan, stata, supercollider, svelte, swift, systemd, syzlang, syzprog, tap, tcl, terraform, tex, toml, tsx, ttcn3, tulip, turtle, twig, typescript, vala, vb, vcl, velocity, verilog, vhdl, viml, vue, wollok, xml, xojo, xpath, xquery, yaml, yang, zig * Bold indicates languages listed in the IEEE Spectrum "TOP Programming Languages 2023". Blue text indicates newly supported languages. List of Supported Languages for Code Highlighting
  22. Full-width spaces are now supported as delimiters for search keywords

     Allow using ideographic space (U+3000) as a separator for search terms - https://www.redmine.org/issues/37878 When specifying multiple keywords separated by spaces in fi lters or the search box, it is now possible to use full-width spaces as well as half-width spaces as delimiters.
  23.  Importing time entries for issues in different projects Allow

    to import time entries for issues in different projects - https://www.redmine.org/issues/36823 If an issue number is speci fi ed, time entries can now be correctly added to the issue, even if it belongs to a di ff erent project from the one currently selected.
  24.  Description fi eld for issue statuses Description for issue

    statuses - https://www.redmine.org/issues/2568 A description fi eld has been added to issue statuses, and it can now be referenced in the issue creation and editing screens. A similar feature for trackers has already been implemented in Redmine 4.1.
  25.  Display “Edited” for modi fi ed comments Mark edited

    journal notes as "Edited" - https://www.redmine.org/issues/31505 Comments that have been edited after creation are now marked as “Edited”. When you hover over the “Edited” text, the time of the last edit and the last user to edit are displayed.
  26.  New permission “Set project public or private” Introduce permission

    to set a project public - https://www.redmine.org/issues/38048 A permission to control the ability to change the “Public” checkbox for a project in the project settings screen has been added. This can prevent improper settings due to mishandling or other reasons.
  27.  Export version as changelog text Export a version as

    changelog text - https://www.redmine.org/issues/36679 It is now possible to export versions in text format. This can be utilized when creating release notes.
  28.  # 1.0 2023/06/05 Stable release * Feature request #2:

    Add ingredients categories * Bug #12: Closed issue on a locked version Sample of exported text Version name Due date of the version Description of the version List of issues
  29.  “My Bookmarks” added to search scope Support "My bookmarks"

    in the search - https://www.redmine.org/issues/38459 “My bookmarks” has been added to the search scope, allowing searches to be limited to projects that you have bookmarked.
  30.  Re fi ning Search Results with the “Apply issues

    fi lter” Button Further narrow search results with issues fi lter - https://www.redmine.org/issues/38481 Clicking the “Apply issues fi lter” button on the search results screen displays the issues shown in the search results as an issues list. This allows for further re fi nement of the search results using fi lters. Click to convert the results 
 to an issues list
  31.  The default text formatting changed to CommonMark Markdown Change

    default text formatter for new installations from textile to common_mark - https://www.redmine.org/issues/34863 For new installations of Redmine, the default text formatting has been changed from Textile to CommonMark Markdown.
  32.  Spent timeʼs “Parent task” fi lter and fi eld

    Add Parent task fi lter and column to Spent time - https://www.redmine.org/issues/37623 A “Parent task” fi lter has been added for Spent time. Additionally, the parent issue can now be added as a fi eld in the list.
  33.  Spent timeʼs “Issueʼs subject” fi lter and fi eld

    Add Parent task fi lter and column to Spent time - https://www.redmine.org/issues/37623 The “Issue’s subject” fi lter has been added for Spent time.
  34. ▪ 26 years of IT industry experience (1997-) ▪ CEO

    of Far End Technologies Corporation in Japan 
 a project management SaaS provider (2008-) ▪ Founder of “Redmine.JP”, the largest website about Redmine in Japan (2007) ▪ Redmine development team memberʢ2014-ʣ linktr.ee/maeda.go Thank you MAEDA Go (前⽥剛)