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Life Behind The Curve @ Side View Conf - Brighton

Life Behind The Curve @ Side View Conf - Brighton


Westley Knight

November 09, 2013


  1. Life Behind The Curve - or - How to keep

    up with all things web
  2. A brief introduction Building website for over 13 years Married

    with 3 children Always worked in an agency I love doing my job
  3. Way back when Web Design DNS Servers Flash Software Support

    Database Design Domain Registration Server Setup Web Design Hosting Accounts Dial-up Accounts ASP (VBScript) Email Servers
  4. I found what I enjoyed Web Developer Front End Development

    Project Management Back End Development Database Design Server Management CMS Deployment
  5. THE PRESENT DAY Senior UX/UI Developer at @thinkbda

  6. Which means I do this stuff User Experience Information

    Architecture User Interface Design Responsive Web Design Content Strategy Typography
  7. None
  8. What is this talk about How this talk came about

    Examine the avenues for learning How I changed the way I look at it all How you can do the same
  9. This isn’t what I started with Workflows & Processes Responsive

    Deliverables Repurposing Your Tools
  10. Workflows & processes

  11. Responsive deliverables

  12. Repurposing your tools

  13. TWO WEEKS BEFORE GIVING THE TALK Everyone’s already talking about

  14. Let’s get started with some audience participation

  15. The Answer to all OUR problems

  16. how does it try to solve my problems? Who to

    follow on Twitter A list of news sites, blogs & podcasts Conferences to attend Advice on finding your own sources
  17. does it solve my problems? Not really...

  18. HOW DO I FILTER ALL THIS CONTENT? 700+ Articles 65

    Episodes ~58 Hours ~50 Hours
  19. How long?! 5 Months

  20. Twitter

  21. A window to the hive mind Me Vs. Everyone I

    follow on Twitter
  22. The trouble with Conferences There are so many They can

    cost a pretty penny Getting the time off Convincing the boss
  23. The list is missing something... Who to follow on Twitter

    A list of news sites, blogs & podcasts Conferences to attend Advice on finding your own sources
  24. TOOLS Typography Boilerplates Pre-processors Libraries Frameworks Prototyping Tools Task Runners

    Code Editors
  25. That’s a lot of stuff

  26. so how do you keep up?

  27. The short answer You can’t

  28. The Depressing Part Threatened by the knowledge of others Put

    myself under pressure to learn Been judged for not being ‘up-to-date’ I’ve doubted my own abilities
  29. Good news everyone! You don’t have to feel this way
  30. The Young Guns There’s always somebody younger There’s always somebody

    hungrier These are the people who do crazy things with stuff you’ve never even heard of
  31. You have two choices You compete by trying to learn

    everything you can or You can realise that it’s time for someone else to do that stuff
  32. Relinquishing control

  33. Relinquishing control “You also have to embrace that fact that

    things won’t always be 100% the way you would like it; they can’t be; as you’re not doing it yourself.” - Joel Hughes
  34. acceptance is key “For after all, the best thing one

    can do when it is raining is to let it rain.” - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  36. A Different approach Learn only what you need

  37. A Different approach Keep it relevant

  38. A Different approach Build an archive

  39. ADVICE Take advice with a pinch of salt

  40. And that’s how I do it Learn only what you

    need Apply new techniques if relevant Save articles for future reference Make considered choices
  41. “The more I read, the more I acquire, the more

    certain I am that I know nothing.” - Voltaire
  42. “To know is to know that you know nothing. That

    is the meaning of true knowledge.” - Confucius
  43. “The more you know, the more you know you don’t

    know.” - Me
  44. Don’t worry Accept that others will know more Only learn

    what you need Learn to let go of your work It’s OK not to be ahead of the curve BE HAPPY
  45. Thank you @westleyknight