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Life Behind The Curve @ Hey!Stac

Life Behind The Curve @ Hey!Stac

The never-ending endeavour to keep up with everything in terms of web development and design. Hopefully it helped a few people in giving some advice in how you can keep up in your own way...

An extended version of the original 5 minute talk given at MKGN #5 created specifically for the fine people who attended Hey!Stac in Leeds on 23rd July 2013.

Westley Knight

July 23, 2013

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  1. Life Behind The Curve Or how to keep up-to-date with

    all things web Westley Knight - @meteoracle Hey!Stac - July 2013
  2. A little bit about me Building websites for over 12

    years Married with 3 kids Always worked in an agency I love doing my job This makes me feel old This just backs up my statement of being old The security of a 9 to 5 Proves I’m a proper geek
  3. I used to do it all Web Design DNS Servers

    Email Servers Hosting Configuration Database Design Database Integration Flash ASP VBScript Server Upgrades Software Support Dial Up Accounts Domain Registration
  4. Now I have more focus Front End Development Information Architecture

    User Interface Design User Experience Typography Responsive Web Design Content Strategy
  5. Break it down How quickly things change The amount we

    have to learn How to keep up in your own way
  6. What I wanted to talk about Workflows & Processes Responsive

    Deliverables Repurposing Your Tools
  7. But things move so fast http://responsiveconf.com/

  8. But things move so fast http://daverupert.com/2013/04/responsive-deliverables/

  9. But things move so fast http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2013/04/22/repurposing-photoshop/

  10. How do you keep up to date? http://uptodate.frontendrescue.org

  11. Who to follow on Twitter A list of news sites,

    blogs & podcasts Conferences to attend Advice on finding your own sources 78 people to follow 41 in total 46 of them! This is the really useful one What this site tells us
  12. Wait, there’s more... http://www.creativestag.com/design-development-blogs/ That’s 98 in total now!

  13. And in practice? 580+ Articles 60 Podcast Episodes ~50 Hours

    ~45 Hours May 2013
  14. And in practice? 660+ Articles 90 Podcast Episodes ~55 Hours

    ~67 Hours July 2013
  15. And in practice? 6 Months!

  16. Typography Boilerplates & Frameworks Pre-processors What about the tools?

  17. Typography

  18. Boilerplates & Frameworks

  19. Pre-processors

  20. That’s a LOT of stuff So how do you keep

  21. The short answer You Can’t

  22. Threatened by the knowledge of others Put myself under pressure

    to learn Been judged for not being ‘up-to-date’ I’ve doubted my own abilities The depressing part
  23. The good news You don’t have to feel this way

  24. Learn only what you need A different approach

  25. Keep it relevant A different approach

  26. Build an archive A different approach

  27. Some advice on advice A different approach

  28. Learn only what you need Apply new techniques if relevant

    Save articles for future reference Don’t be a sheep! So that’s how it’s done
  29. Don’t worry, be happy “The more I read, the more

    I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.” – Voltaire
  30. Thanks meteoracle.co.uk @meteoracle hello@meteoracle.co.uk