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CPython Documentation: The Next 5 Years

CPython Documentation: The Next 5 Years

Presented at the CPython Language Summit.


Carol Willing

April 15, 2020

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  1. @WillingCarol Documentation The Next 5 Years Python Language Summit April

    15, 2020 Carol Willing Ned Batchelder 1
  2. @WillingCarol Documentation Governance in a Post-BDFL World 2

  3. @WillingCarol 3 Creating documentation responsibly to grow Python's world usage

    and meet community needs
  4. @WillingCarol 4 Users' needs differ Web DevOps Systems Testing Science

    Data Science Micropython, CircuitPython, Raspberry Pi Education Embedded systems Universal Need Understanding --> Application and have evolved over Python's lifetime
  5. @WillingCarol Our time is limited 5

  6. @WillingCarol Community scales 6 Python Brasil official photo. The sign

    represents Python in BSL (Brazilian Sign Language), made by Amanda and Sávio at Python Sul 2018 https://pyfound.blogspot.com/2019/02/python-brasil-people-technology.html PyLadiesBRConf official photo PyLadiesBRConf official photo
  7. @WillingCarol Documentation Editorial Board as a Python Steering Council Workgroup

  8. @WillingCarol Editorial Board 8 Assets Style and Tone Guides Language

    Translations Presentation - Landing Page
  9. @WillingCarol Python Documentation Governance 9 ‣ Quality and Stability ‣

    Contributing inclusive and sustainable ‣ Community ownership ‣ Editorial Board (community members and core devs with strong documentation and communication experience) ‣ Decision making processes ‣ Seek consensus
  10. @WillingCarol Getting Started 10 Governance and workgroup Tutorials Language translations

    Landing Page Year 1
  11. @WillingCarol Measure and grow 11 Evaluate effectiveness Documentation sprints Annual

    editorial review Years 2 - 5
  12. @WillingCarol 12 Thank you