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JupyterLab and JupyterHub: Perfect Together

JupyterLab and JupyterHub: Perfect Together

PyBay 2018 Talk on Project Jupyter's JupyterLab and JupyterHub.

Carol Willing

August 19, 2018

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  1. JupyterLab and JupyterHub: Perfect Together Carol Willing 3rd Annual Regional

    Python Conference August 16 - 19, 2018 | San Francisco, CA
 JupyterLab and JupyterHub: Perfect Together Carol Willing, Project Jupyter

    Binder Team JupyterHub Team JupyterLab Team @WillingCarol PyBay Aug. 19, 2018
  3. Hi and Welcome Steering Council, Project Jupyter Core Developer, Project

    Jupyter Software Engineer, Cal Poly SLO Fellow, Python Software Foundation Core Developer, CPython Geek in Residence, Fab Lab San Diego Carol Willing @willingcarol

 JupyterLab: The Evolution of the Jupyter Notebook The JupyterLab

    Team Chris Colbert, Jupyter Steven Silvester, Quansight Afshin Darian, Jupyter Ian Rose, Berkeley Jason Grout, Bloomberg Brian Granger, Cal Poly Jessica Forde, Jupyter Grant Nestor, Cal Poly Cameron Oelsen, Cal Poly Fernando Perez, LBNL/Berkeley Cal Poly Interns The Larger Jupyter Team @jupyterlab on GitHub @ProjectJupyter on Twitter
 Jupyter Notebook • Interactive, browser-based computing environment • Exploratory

    data science, ML, visualization, analysis, stats • Reproducible document format: • Code • Narrative text (markdown) • Equations (LaTeX) • Images, visualizations • Over 50 programming languages • Everything open-source (BSD license) Interactive, Exploratory, Reproducible
 JupyterLab • Work with the building blocks in a

    flexible and integrated manner • Modern JavaScript development: npm-based packaging, Typescript, phosphor.js • Clean model/view separation • Well separated public/private APIs • Fully extensible by third parties • High performance • Design! Building Blocks
 January 2018 •https://github.com/jupyterlab •~2.5 years worth of development •~100

    contributors, ~60 components •~1,800 releases (npm+python) •Over 11,000 commits, ~classic notebook •Currently Beta JupyterLab Today
 Roadmap • Beta releases, January 2018 • For all

    users • For adventurous extension developers • 1.0 this year • For all users, extension developers • Eventually: • Classic notebook will be retired JupyterLab Beta: Use It Today conda install -c conda-forge jupyterlab or pip install jupyterlab
  9. Collaboration between tools A log in the console of commands

    executed Explore data in console without messing up your notebook
  10. Extensible “In one night and a couple of dozen lines

    of code we wrote a Fasta viewer.”
  11. Becomes a notebook extension With the same code, the Fasta

    viewer becomes an extension usable in the notebook.
  12. Datasets, grids, and scale 1.2M rows 200Mb csv file. Excel

    can’t open. A few seconds to load and then “smooth as butter” when scrolling. Rumor has it that Chris Colbert has a trillion row by column demo too.
  13. •Drag-and-drop cells in and between notebooks •Run code blocks interactively

    from text files (.py, .R, .md, .tex, etc.) •Link a code console to a notebook kernel to explore code interactively without cluttering up the notebook with temporary scratch work •Edit popular file formats with live preview, such as Markdown, JSON, CSV, Vega, VegaLite, and more @twitter handle New Functionality
  14. SciPy Tutorial 2018 Talk: JupyterLab - The Next Generation JupyterLab

    Documentation jupyter.org try.jupyter.org Gallery of Interesting Notebooks @WillingCarol Resource s • JupyterLab • Jupyter Widgets • JupyterCon
  15. Get Involved @twitter handle Gitter Chat gitter.im/jupyterhub/jupyterhub gitter.im/jupyterhub/binder gitter.im/jupyterlab/jupyterlab Mailing

    list groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/jupyter groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/binderhub Deploy your own JupyterHub z2jh.jupyter.org Deploy your own BinderHub binderhub.readthedocs.io
  16. • Project Jupyter team and community • JupyterLab team •

    JupyterHub and Binder teams Attributions and recognition
 JupyterLab and JupyterHub: Perfect Together Carol Willing, Project Jupyter

    Binder Team JupyterHub Team JupyterLab Team @twitter handle PyBay Aug. 19, 2018