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Back to the future of JS II: Beyond what we can foresee

Back to the future of JS II: Beyond what we can foresee

Willian Martins

June 21, 2019

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  1. 0 - Strawman 1 - Proposal 2 - Draft 3

    - Candidate 4 - Finished https://tc39.github.io/process-document/ 1 - Proposal
  2. @wmsbill Toy example List of shapes 
 {size, color, type}

    Log all circles, red squares and big blue triangles
  3. @wmsbill The majority of the languages uses pattern matching as

    an expression PM has changed to expression June 2019 It makes conditional expression powerful in JS Pattern matching is an expression
  4. @wmsbill Function composition in JS Combining two or more functions

    to create a new function Composing function is a common task in JS nowadays We can achieve it in a bunch of ways
  5. @wmsbill Pipeline operator |> It is a syntax sugar for

    function composition It creates a way to streamline a chain of functions
  6. @wmsbill Smart Pipeline proposal Two types bare style and topic

    style () or [] are disallowed in bare style When () or [] is needed, topic style is used # token is subject to change
  7. @wmsbill F# Pipeline Proposal Extends the minimal proposal with an

    await step Await step waits for the resolution of the previous step
  8. @wmsbill Nice addition for creating function composition in a streamlining

    way Minimal proposal has 2 caveats Smart pipeline adds a token F# adds an await step Pipeline operator - summary
  9. @wmsbill F# pipeline is simple and easier to reason about

    The Introduction of # token could be introduced once F# proposal was merged Babel 7.3 has shipped smart pipeline proposal. Pipeline operator - rollout strategy
  10. @wmsbill JS cold start Ship less JS 150kb of Compressed

    JS is different of 150 kb of image Lazy load your JS
  11. @wmsbill Start-up phase: Download, Parse, Compilation Runtime phase: Run, Optimization/

    Deoptimization, Bailing out. Tear down phase: Garbage collection JS “lifecycle” steps
  12. @wmsbill It is crucial for the application perceived performance. Parsing

    + compilation can take up to 30%* of main thread time 1MB os uncompressed JS can take 1s or more in average Mobile device. The cold start-up problem *Numbers may vary from depending on the js engine
  13. @wmsbill New over-the-wire format for JS Based on a binary

    encoding of a simplified custom AST. Potentially decrease the cold start-up of large JS applications Browsers that doesn’t support it, still loads a .js file Binary AST
  14. @wmsbill Early Prototype created on SpyderMonkey Using a grammar based

    on SM internal AST format Facebook static newsfeed as a benchmark The PoC
  15. @wmsbill AST size slightly smaller than JS Create a full

    AST from plain JS took between 500 and 800 ms Time for creating full AST was twice as fast as before The PoC - the results
  16. @wmsbill Plain binary AST is a good perf win Extra

    annotations enables dead code elimination Further enhancements can enable streaming compilation of the binary AST. Looking beyond