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This Old App

This Old App

What could renovating an old house have in common with upgrading an old app? Everything! Let me show you how this old house renovation project proceeds, from planning to scheduling, demolition to finishing, and how every stage directly relates the lessons learned from app upgrades over the course of my career.

Lori M Olson

December 09, 2022

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  1. Adobe Photoshop SDK: 16 bit 27-Sep-09 10:55:08 AM 3.3 Plug-ins

    and 16 bit data 3.3.1 Why does my 16 bit plug-in only see values of 0 - 32768 and not 0 - 65535? Photoshop uses an internal representation of 16 bit data of 0 - 32768. When acquiring, importing, reading, or writing files check or set the maxValue in the parameter record. Filters will also see this range for 16 bit data. What is Evernote? Create an Evernote account