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Do The Work - Madison Ruby, The Epilogue

Do The Work - Madison Ruby, The Epilogue

Have you ever run into that problem you are trying to solve, that is tangential to your core business? It’s easy to run off, look for a gem, and use it.

What is harder is when that gem … isn’t quite right. Maybe you should look for an alternative. Maybe you should fix the gem. Or if your problem is different enough, you can fork the gem.

Or maybe you should just stop wasting so much time looking for the “easy” solution, and just DO THE WORK.

Lori M Olson

July 08, 2016

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    somewhere in that vicinity was a well site," recalled Ms. Beaudry, 45, a mother of two. They guessed right. In her backyard, a yard from her house, crews found a broken, leaking, 50-year-old natural gas well.
  2. HOMES TORN DOWN The re-abandonment of the I-36 wellbore required

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  3. LOADS OF DATA There are over 750,000 oil and gas

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  4. SO MANY GEMS • motion-sqlite • Nitreon • Magical Record

    • Superbox • Motiondata • MotionModel • CDQ
  5. MAP

  6. –@scottdavis99 Young C is expending an extraordinary amount of energy

    finding shortcuts rather than just doing the work. Future #convict or #programmer?
  7. –@bketelsen spent 6 hours researching a way to do it

    the easy way, when I could have written it in 3, the hard way.