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Hit the Flask and Get some REST

Joan Touzet
November 10, 2012

Hit the Flask and Get some REST

Learn design decisions that lead Cloudant to rewrite the supporting API layer to all its backend systems in Python using the Flask microframework to create a unified, RESTFUL API.

Joan Touzet

November 10, 2012

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  1. c:\users\joan\desktop>clou user info wohali6 Username: wohali6 Email: [email protected] Cluster(s): meritage

    (was on lagoon until 2012-07-19T13:45:30, meritage until 2012-07-19T13:45:58, lagoon until 2012-08-30T17:43:50) Plan: oxygen Date: 2012-06-07 20:25:30 Data size: 10.1 MB (disk) 4.0 KB (real) View size: 16.8 KB (disk) 436.0 B (real) Total size: 10.1 MB (disk) 4.4 KB (real)
  2. c:\users\joan\desktop>clou user move wohali6 julep >>> Moving data from meritage

    to julep... Databases to replicate: animaldb, oakland_assessor. Replicating db animaldb... animaldb 9% |---- | ETA: 0:00:26 Document count matches. Checking for auth doc... Replicating db oakland_assessor... oakland_a 9% |---- | ETA: 0:03:58 Document count matches. Checking for auth doc... >>> Updating user’s record to point to new cluster... >>> Refreshing load balancers... Refreshing 4 LBs asynchronously, please wait... Host Code =============================================== lb1.julep.cloudant.com: 200 lb2.julep.cloudant.com: 200 lb1.meritage.cloudant.com: 200 lb2.meritage.cloudant.com: 200 >>> Updating DNS record... Using token <…> u'{"status": "success", "data": {"zone": "cloudant.com", "ttl": 300, "fqdn": "wohali6.cloudant.com", "record_type": "CNAME", "rdata" : {"cname": "julep.cloudant.com."}, "record_id": 0}, "job_id": 205794996, "msgs": [{"INFO": "update: Record updated", "SOURCE": "BLL ", "ERR_CD": null, "LVL": "INFO"}]}' u'{"status": "success", "data": {"zone_type": "Primary", "serial_style": "increment", "serial": 27877, "zone": "cloudant.com"}, "job _id": 205795008, "msgs": [{"INFO": "publish: cloudant.com published", "SOURCE": "BLL", "ERR_CD": null, "LVL": "INFO"}]}'
  3. from flask import current_app import utils class Tickets(MethodView): """ This

    is an interface into our support system. It allows users to query open tickets and create new tickets via a RESTful API. """ decorators = [utils.user_required] def __init__(self): """ 'Connect' to fogbugz, wither the real one or a mock object. """ user = current_app.config['FB_USER'] passw = current_app.config['FB_PASS'] if current_app.config['BACKEND'] == "Mock": import mock.fogbugz as fogbugz assert fogbugz # silence pyflakes else: import fogbugz self.fogbugz = fogbugz.FogBugz("https://cloudant.fogbugz.com") self.fogbugz.logon(user, passw)
  4. from flask import current_app, request, jsonify, session class Tickets(MethodView): …

    def get(self): """ List open tickets for the user. Response is a json structure like: {"tickets":[{"id": TICKET_ID, 'title': TICKET_TITLE}, ...]} User name is taken from the session, there must be a valid session to call the api. """ query = '%s status:active OrderBy:Opened' % session['username'], resp = self.fogbugz.search(q=query, cols='ixBug,sTitle') cases = resp.cases.childGenerator() tickets = {'tickets': []} limit = int(request.args.get('limit', 5)) current_app.logger.debug(limit) for case in itertools.islice(cases, limit): tickets['tickets'].append({'id': int(case['ixbug']), 'title': case.stitle.string}) return jsonify(tickets)
  5. US “Node” Single-tenant cluster Horizontally Scalable DB • Fault tolerant

    • Always consistent • Schemaless (NoSQL) • Automatic sharding • Distributed, parallel analytics • Incremental, chainable MapReduce • Full-text search Multi-tenant cluster PUT {document} Edge Database Cluster Disconnected Devices Japan Filtered Replication & Sync Secondary Data Centers (for DR & distributed access) EU-NL