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Flynn, a next generation open source PaaS

Flynn, a next generation open source PaaS

Presentation i gave at the docker meetup in Melbourne, Australia.

Mark Wolfe

July 18, 2014

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  1. What is Flynn? Set of components which out-of-the-box provides a

    starting point for an internal PaaS Collection of independent projects, some of which are useful outside of Flynn Inspired by the Google Omega Paper
  2. What problem is this solving? Provides a container based platform

    for services (Heroku) Push deploy DB as a service (PostgreSQL) Designed for 12 factor applications
  3. What business problem is this solving? Deployment, let the developers

    ship with less road blocks. Logging, collect store/process/relay Monitoring, provides consistent view to developers and operations Efficient utilisation of system resources, Parkinson's law..
  4. History Based on Jeff Lindsays Dokku Inspired by Heroku Open

    source’ish Development sponsored by a few large companies
  5. The Stack Written in golang Components: Service Discovery (etcd under

    the hood) Job Execution Slug building (docker file templates) Custom HTTP/TCP load balancer/proxy
  6. Current State Still in heavy development Lots of rough edges

    Scaling across hosts is not configurable Not fault tolerant
  7. Alternatives deis http://deis.io/ next on my list to review! kubernetes

    https://github.com/GoogleCloudPlatform/ kubernetes ???