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WooConf Day 2: Top Takeaways

April 07, 2016

WooConf Day 2: Top Takeaways


April 07, 2016

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  1. “Everyone has access to the same APIs, the same tech

    that massive companies do. Now, you have to di erentiate on experience, because the same tools are available to everyone.” - Juan Benitez - @benitez_juan WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  2. “In the state of NY, a bagel is not taxable

    unless they’re sliced and open, which makes them a ‘prepared good’. #detailoriented #themoreyouknow ” - Mark Faggiano - @taxjarmark WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  3. “Shipping can be a competitive advantage - for Amazon, shipping

    is 12% of total costs, but SMBs, it’s 35% of total costs. ” - Laura Behrens Wu - @LauraBehrensWu WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  4. “Tokenization, location checks, velocity checks, AVS/CVC checks and transaction security

    - these are the things to think about for security.” - Siddique Hameed - @siddii WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  5. “Amazon Prime members spend $1,500 per year, while non-Prime spent

    $625.” - Michael Steele - @el_steele WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  6. “People generally set up ads to only run 24/7 -

    but you can set up to 42 combinations of days and times and optimize ads for the best time.” - Seth Rand - @SethRand WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  7. “This discovery phase is consulting - charge for it.” -

    David Lockie - @divydovy WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  8. “That data portability between WooCommerce and other platforms will open

    up a lot of possibilities for bigger stores.” - Beka Rice - @Beka_Rice WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  9. “You’re selling product, so you need to cover *all* the

    features - answer all the questions within the video, don’t expect people to look around more.” - Josh Cary - @joshcaryaudio WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  10. “There are four ways to increase revenue: more customers, more

    repeat purchases, converting more visitors or making more money per order. The last one is the only option that doesn’t require increasing orders.” - Beka Rice - @Beka_Rice WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  11. “People selling on their site PLUS an additional marketplace were

    selling 38% more, if you added another marketplace, it jumps to 120% more revenue.” - Jake Gasaway - @JakeGasaway WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  12. Product - Meaning = Commodity Product + Meaning = Brand

    “A quick, cheap site doesn't do justice to the brand you've painstakingly crafted.” - Kandace Brigleb - @kandacerae of @needmore WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  13. “User Generated Content - what customers are saying about you

    - is a good indicator of whether your brand sucks or not.” - Shayla Price - @shaylaprice WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  14. “Consumers are 7X more likely to buy from someone they

    trust” - Ashwin Raj WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  15. Theme for the day from the dev side: “Rely on

    hooks rather than templates for front end theme changes” - Merrill Mayer @KoolKatWeb WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  16. “PCI Compliance is done at an organizational level. You can’t

    just skip it if you have an SSL certificate” - Lee Blue - @leehblue WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  17. “When dealing with customers, take their perspective - would you

    rather be sold, or helped?” - Matt White - @matthew_j_white WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  18. “Ideas Boards have to be maintained and curated - reject

    old ideas, merge ideas and update statuses. They’re not a static resource.” - Mindy Posto - @WooMindy WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL
  19. “If people won’t tell their friends, you’ll have to do

    something dirty, nasty and expensive: you have to advertise. Advertising is the price of being boring.” - Andy Sernovitz - @sernovitz WOOCONF LEARN.DEVELOP.SELL